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There's no way. None is like the Duke. Just a step down: Agnelli Prince Charles And: Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Humprey Bogart, David Niven, Sean Connery as James Bond. I find it difficult to say anyone after '70.
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One of my style icons is Prince Michael of Kent
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as a kid growing up it was tony curtis for me..sorry to say he hasn't continued but he still has his own very personal fashion sense
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for me cary grant always and forever..especially in "To Catch A Thief".. also george hamilton has great sense of classic style
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for me cary grant always and forever..especially in "To Catch A Thief"..
I had the same idea in Washington Heights (if you wore cordovan tassel loafers with light gray pants and a blue sportjacket, or gray flannels with a striped crewneck, you got to ride around with Grace Kelly). It's a long time ago and all of us have changed, except Cary Grant's image.
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is it just the light in the photo, or does prince michael only have 1 button closed on his jacket sleeve?
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I give props to Prince Michael -- the kipper tie, the raffish beard, the deep-collar shirts -- truly a unique royal. I do hope he gets to keep his Grace-and-Favour lodgings. Terry Stamp is an icon for me -- the Cleverley shoes, the bespoke-philia (he writes of wanting the clothes he saw in the windows at the best St. James' makers ever since he was a child)... not to mention his entire life in the 1960s: the clothes, the flat in Albany, the birds, the integrity to flee it all before it (and/or he) imploded... How come no one's style icon is Alan Flusser? (joke)
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I LOVE Flusser's clothes. He is a style icon for me.
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And while I'm at it, Ralph Lauren.
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i agree cuff'..ralph started with a great sense of classic style and continues to this me his roots are the middleclass bronx of the 1950s and 1960s..i guess we watched the same movies growing up because few people dressed this way on those streets
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One of my style icons is Prince Michael of Kent
Good selection. I love his tie in that first picture. I used to pine for those ties when I was in university ten years ago or so (I think Dior had a line that looked like that) but was unable to afford them.
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I cast my votes for the full pantheon of style greats: The Duke of Windsor, Michael Douglas by Flusser in "Wall Street" (I have a closet full of Thurston's braces thanks to that movie), Fred Astaire, William Powell, B. Wooster (as played by Hugh Laurie), and Mr. Cary Grant. It's a sad day in a young man's life when he awakens to discover he will never be Cary Grant. But that doesn't mean we should stop trying. "Everybody wants to be Cary Grant. I want to be Cary Grant" -- Cary Grant.
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One could only fault his gentleman's personal gentleman. Notoriously hidebound about legwear, but not a peep about the 6 to 2 to 1 issue. Hmmm. Who can you trust?
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