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Real horn eyeglass frames...

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Hi All, I am looking for REAL horn and tortoise shell eyeglass frames. Would need to purchase online. Please help. Best.
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I believe real tortoise shell is illegal in the United States and a good deal of the world. I have seen it for sale in China and some other Asian countries. Several varieties of the sea turtle are endangered. Horn (Stag) is more readily available and not endangered.
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surely there are vintage sources though. i'd be interested in knowing some as well. /andrew - had a pet turtle
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Here is a pair of mine.  They were made in Germany by, it looks like, "Lunor."  All horn frames I have seen are from Germany, including those in the Ben Silver catalogue.  Friedrich's of Palm Beach, Florida, has a good selection in horn and I was told there that tortoise is obtainable, although not stocked in United States.
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"Lunor" is right - they are a great high-end glasses company out of Germany. I've been lusting after a pair of their glasses for quite some time.
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Contact Tom Davies at, he has a bespoke line available in numerous opticians in the U.S and Europe. I believe he does Horn but he told me he won't do tortoise shell due to the fragiilty of it.

Tell him you know Christian, we are ex flatmates.
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