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Light gray zegna suit

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Hello everyone, this is my first post, so if I break any rules, bear with me. I recently saw a suit that I thought would look great on me. I'm planning on buying it and wearing it for my company's formal christmas party. what do you guys think of this suit? The suit is a light gray 100% virgin wool suit from Zegna. It is from the 2004 collection. alll questions and comments are welcome. The suit is for under $500 Canadian
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2004 Zegna Collection suit cost less than $500 CDN? Where? Is this one of those Zegna wanna be suit?
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It says "cloth ermenegildo zegna" which means that it is just zegna cloth, the suit wasnt actually made by zegna. That seller does this a lot it seems.
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I wouldn't risk it. With real Zegna suits you generally know what you're getting, yet since fraudulent sellers like brandmaniac know they wouldn't attract buyers if they were honest and showed who actually made the suit, you have no idea what kind of quality to expect. Of course you can likely expect to get a cheap, generic piece of fused dreck that in reality is worth $200-300 retail at most. Don't forget that he charges $40 in shipping, and according to feedback some buyers have also been stuck with heavy customs charges. Look up "brandmaniac" on this forum. I don't think you'll see a single more reviled eBay seller. It's your call, but I would strongly advise against giving that jerk your business.
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i just finished reading some of the other threads about "brandmaniac" on page 2. I'll email him and give him a piece of my mind....... It's a good thing I came here before I put in a bid......... ...... oh well, thanks everyone for making me "see the light".
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however, from the look of it (especially lapel), the jacket looks like it is canvased. any thought?
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I think it looks nice regardless, but I would have to see it on a person or see it close up to judge.
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But keep in mind that this does not have to be the suit you get. You could esily get a cheply made suit from the same fabric and it would be hard to argue with the seller. B
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I don't understand the use of mannequins on Ebay. 99.9% of the time they make the item look HORRIBLE. It influences my opinion on the item even though that's probably silly.
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Those suits are made by Trea about 50 miles from the Adriatic coast about a half hour from Ancona. Have been to the factory there and the top level they have is a half-canvas line. These are pretty well made for what they are and construction is above avg for fused. Some of the details are nice on these, they d-stitch around all the pockets etcetera and the machine done pick-stitching looks good. Not a bad deal for a few hundred bucks but advertising it as this season Zegna with no reference to Trea is less than honest IMHO
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