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Originally Posted by kiya View Post
Just got the mock pullover in Charcoal.. photos aren't up, but it's this one..

Holy shit it's only been about 35 minutes, and my size in the charcoal is already gone.
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They've got most of the sizes left at Villainssf.com here
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B.Son Double Mock Pullover

B.Son has been a hit this Fall with their simple yet forward pieces that work well with most styles due to their cuts and colors

Here we have a Double Mock Pullover, one of B.Son's final winter pieces for this year available in Charcoal or Heather Gray.

Available now in-store and via the online store:

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B.Son Smoke Black Slub Mock Pullover - SELF EDGE EXCLUSIVE B.Son and Self Edge have gotten together for a fresh take on their popular Mock Pullover. A simple piece that's turned into an extremely popular item here at the store has been remade now with a new fabric. Not only was this piece cut and sewn in San Francisco but the fabric itself was also woven here. This mock pullover is now available for a limited time in a smoke black 100% cotton slubby fabric. The fabric has massive character and is difficult to photograph, but is one of the most interesting woven cotton fabrics we've seen out of the B.Son camp. Available now in-store and via our online store, these were made in a small run, once gone there will be no restock: http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.p...roducts_id=354
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Sorry for the delay in posting. Here are the two Context B.Son exclusives: Context French Terry Button Hoody: Context Hooded Zip-Up Jacket They are selling quite fast. No surprise for exclusive Context B.Son pieces.
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Originally Posted by JohnnyLaw View Post
Maybe I was just unlucky, but I had a bad experience with regards to B.Son quality. In particular, parts of the stitching pulled right out of my henley before I wore it once.

i have the same issue with b.son as well.
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The only problem I've encountered with B. Son is that some of their seams don't match up when they should. I have the mock zip up hoodie and the seam on the left cuff is off by about 1/2 an inch with the seam on the sleeve. The right sleeve and cuff seams match perfectly though.
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so is B.Son done with releasing pieces for F/W '08?
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B.Son Spring Summer 09 Collection now available

Ribbed Mock Pullover Hoodie

Wide Mock Pullover Navy

Wide Mock Pullover Black

Zip Mock Hoody Navy
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Are those two separate jackets layered on top of each other...or do they come like that?
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if you go to contexts website it says that the dude is wearing another bson hoodie beneath that "navy" one
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Bought this yesterday, amazing piece in person. Highly recommended.
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Yea I find their summer collection more appealing it's hot as fuck in LA. The fleece hoodie that sold out looks to stuffy even for the winter. Also, wearing 2 sweaters = spring/summer collection? I'm going back to the S.F Bay for spring break so maybe I could check out the B.Son store
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They're also incorporating more short sleeve doohickies this season, plus all the fabrics seem to be blends, perhaps to lessen the heaviness? I also really dig the shade of blue they're using for some of the pieces, even though it totally wouldn't work with indigo denim.
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Yea I really love the short sleeve hoods and whatnot. I just got the B.Son Asymmetrical Button Up Mock in Black recently. Wow this one isn't carried by context and I really like it. Too bad it's almost summer so don't know.. if i should get it now and wait for unusually cold weather. http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.p...roducts_id=393 And is it just me or the hood seems disproportionate to the body? Kinda makes me wonder what the B.Son SF store carries. whoa.. look what I found while browsing through Wrath Arcane... looks like the b.son side button mock pullover
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