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PRPS new fit selvage

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I've been wearing these the last couple days and I really like the fit and finish of these jeans. Haven't seen too many other people wearing them which is understandable given the price, but anyone else a PRPS fan?
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no doubt, I have two pair of PRPS prewashed and one pair of PRPS classic selvage prewashed denim. The quality of these jeans are superb. Pricey but you wont see to many others wearing them and they should last for quite awhile.
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i've been wearing mine pretty regularly since may or so. I love them, they're my newer project jeans, fading report seen in the denim thread. The only gripe is that the crotch was a bit tight for a bit, but they've stretched out nicely.
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I think I probably should have ended up sizing down more on them, but it's somewhat nice to have them not be super tight. The snaps help, though.
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i went with my true size. The waist does stretch a good amount, but i don't think i could have went with a smaller size due to the thighs...
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Here's a pic of mine, still really new, I've only worn them maybe 5 times.

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here's an older pic of when i first got them

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what does PRPS stand for?
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those are nice poly - any online retailers selling these?
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Originally Posted by bant View Post
those are nice poly - any online retailers selling these?

denimbar has them I believe....
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I've been eyeing these on DB's site. Can't decide between these or KMW 2010's. What is the rise/hem on these?
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these are worth it imo. The denim is nice, will be really soft once you wash (zimbawe cotton) and fade pretty well thus far. I haven't washed them yet, but seeing that they've spent the time to source excellent materials, I think they'll be pretty well dyed. The vertical falling on these is pretty nice as well

from superfuture

my pair

not sure if i'd shell out full retail as it is pricey....but with the db discount, it might be worth it. they had them for sale at under $200 for a while...that was totally worth it then
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I have some sick New Prps washed and dry. not to mention the hoodies which kick ass.
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I'm jonesin' for a pair, but after having bought a pair of the 5EPXSF's(supporting the forum!), my denim budget's shot--hopefully DB will still have them in my size next month
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