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Definitely not a fan of John Allen's -- I found them to be the glossy-black marble equivalent of Target. Not all of those stylists/barbers are equal and i never found one that was worth returning to.

Somebody here recommended Ben at the Neighborhood Barbers in the East Village. Cut is sub $20 and great. I've been going there for a few months with great success. I also liked Ilya at Paul Mole on the Upper East Side but because I no longer work in the neighborhood it isn't as appealing. Those cuts were about $45.
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Chantal at Salon Ishi. Hands down the best haircut in NYC. Not fashion forward so don't go if you are in your 20's.
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Hate to necrobump but does anyone have any recommendations? Looking to stay under $60.
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Actually, got a good cut at Bedford Barber( E. 59th). My preferred girl was not around and I don't like to experiment for many dollars because it is almost always a waste no matter the cost. Had the older, bald headed guy, don't know his name. Think it starts with a B.

He took the time and got it almost exactly right which was not the easiest task.

I don't think just asking for a quiff with short sides, a peaked side crop or whatever style you want based solely on a name will work there but some pics should do the trick. Did for me(plus all my personal annoying constraints). Other thing is that I went at a bit of an off hour. Results might be better than during the crush rush.

Since this is not an uber salon, definitely know what you want instead of asking for them to give you a 'look'.

Might sound like BS that this guy did a fine job(I hardly believe it myself) but it was really good. I am a picky bitch for what it is worth.

$16, that made it great and certainly worth a go.


If you want a place in BK, I can give you my girl's name. $35, I think, maybe $30. Does a lot of fashion forward/hipster 'dos but will cut a plain or conservative style as well. Just good technique that applies to any cut. Also, she can help with styling if you want to mix it up though I think it is always best to have a basic idea in your own mind.

Also, a place in upper Chelsea. Never actually got mine cut there but have seen other results(though mostly women) and had gone for a quick consult. I think it is $70 though.


Good luck

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How does one pay anything more than 20 bux for a haircut?? That's like paying 1K for a JAB suit.......
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^^^You need a lesson in basic logic assembly.

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Depending what you like / want. I have been going to whistle in the east village. They are laid back but all stylists are excellent.
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Not to bump again. But I'm gonna be in New York and need a haircut bad. I was looking at Freeman's. smudges anyone have a better idea? Of you are ever in LA, Chrissy at general quarters is the best in LA.
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Sassoon salon downtown. An entry level stylist is at your price point. I like sassoon, wherever I go, Leeds, Manchester, London, LA, New York you can go in and will always get a really good haircut.

They are good though because their training is long and in depth so they are a lot better than someone with a beard who was a barista last week.
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