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Zegna tessuto at marshall's

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I saw a Zegna Tessuto suit at Marshall's today, made by Biancomo Uomo. By feel, it appeared to be fully canvassed though, and was tagged at like $200 marked down from $1000, the fabric seemed really nice (black with a blue pinstripe) Do you think this suit would be a good deal after a couple rounds of markdowns? (For $50-100)
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I also saw a polo ralph lauren (by correlliani) cashmere jacket there, marked at $1095 retail, selling for $249, a green plaid print jacket. I will wait for it to go down to $50-100 and pick it up, pretty nice, it appears to be fully canvassed, are all correlliani suits canvas except for the trend line?
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Tessuto as in a suit done by a private tailor with Zegna fabrics?
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Right, it was made by Biancomo Uomo, but appeared to be canvassed and of high quality construction.
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I liked at a Biancomo-labelled suit with a Zegna fabric label at the Marshall's in White Plains NY, and it was not canvassed, though it was respectable looking. The suit I saw used a light fusing in both lapels and in the chestpiece. It had several nice features-- pickstitching, D-reinforced pockets, half-lined trousers, shirting material sleeves. Tessuto Zegna just means Zegna material. It does not indicate any Zegna involvement in the construction. This suit seems to be similar to some other "midgrade" Italian garments I've seen at Marshall's, under the names Menchetti, Cuseri, Giorgio Cavalli, and Bianconi. They are appealingly priced, the fusing seems thin and not obvious, and I really wonder if they might not give service and appearance equal to a Canali or Corneliani. The only way to find out is buy one and wear it for ten years to see if it bubbles...
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I've seen the factories where this class of suit is made. They are not super high in quality but for the money they are not bad. If you get a new suit with quality fabrics for under $300 it is unlikely that it will be handsewn on canvas. ...if you get a good looking suit that gets a few seasons and looks more expensive than it is? Well... people pay $1000 for fused suits of identical quality that don't look as nice as some of those you mentioned. When you walk into a room filled with suits how many guys are really wearing high end canvassed suits? 2-3% Always keep in mind that we are a bit fanatical and the average guy asks questions like "Hey Honey, can I wear my bomber jacket and sneakers with this suit" to the eye-rolling frustration of his wife rather than "Hey, what's the interlining made of and how was it sewn to the suiting fabric?"
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Carlo, I just suggest we ignore the fused suits, and just have our selves a drink to celebrate the few tailors who actually care enough to sew the suits together instead of going through the half assed glue approach. I'm sorry, I just had waaaaaaaay too much beer today
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