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Originally Posted by DocHolliday View Post
The average joe will, however, notice if a guy is wearing a fedora and spectators. Such clothes, on their face, have an element of costume about them, but particularly when worn together, or from head to toe.

Uh oh.

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And I just can't get into the idea of wearing used shoes.

I was totally with you until recently. I've picked up a couple of pair of used shoes on ebay. To be sure, these aren't shoes I want new, they're old dress shoes I intend to wear with jeans.

I made sure they were in relatively good condition before buying (I've seen a lot of thrift store shoes that look OK but have mold/mildew or other grossness--needless to say, I'm not buying those). I gave them a good cleaning inside with disinfectant spray (lysol, IIRC--and I use it liberally) and a paper towel. I tree them for a day or two. I also buy new full footbed insoles. Even trying on shoes with someone else's footprint inside creeps me out, and insoles make a big difference.

As for head to toe vintage, the esquire guy looks good, but you have to be committed and a real character to pull that off.
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Originally Posted by AlanC View Post
Uh oh.

Sorry, Alan. Probably not the best example. I would say that I don't think your clothes look vintagey, but I'd probably be digging myself deeper. So I'll just say that I never think you look like you wandered in from the '40s.
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The last time I wore my Alden specs for the season I also had on a Panama hat. A woman asked me if I was 'on the stage'.

Costumey? Me?
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Originally Posted by Krawczak View Post
I've seen a lot of comments in this thread with descriptors like "affected", "costume", "trying too hard", etc. If I may, aren't we all wearing costumes? I don't mean in the overly philosophical sense, I mean in the same way that someone who wears All Vintage All The Time.

How is it different to go out into a sea of cargo shorts and t-shirts wearing a bespoke three-piece, or even a tie and sportcoat? Even in situations where one has to wear a suit, anything not from Men's Wearhouse sticks out like a sore thumb. I know everyone on this forum regularly fields questions about why we are so "dressed up" or if we are in a play. I really don't see the difference between wearing french cuffs and a tie tack, wearing all vintage, and wearing a black trenchcoat and eye makeup. I've done all three, at various points in my life.

Everyone's going to get mad at me for this post, but I really don't mean to be bitchy. I just find it kind of ironic for a bunch of guys in three piece suits with custom tailored shirts to be criticizing someone for dressing funny.

I'm not you are spot on...vintage is great.
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