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Prices are amazing. I'm 5'9, so on the shorter side. I'm hoping its not long below the knee, which is holding me back.
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I'm 5'8 and the Officer's Coat is below the knee. Very nice coat but for someone like myself on the shorter side I prefer the Sunday Coat.
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Originally Posted by stevent View Post

....unless you're on the shorter side.

That'd be me, can I just shorten it like shortening the sleeves ?



haha what's with us shorties fancying this long coat.,,,



I just got this badboy (Officer's Coat, I mean), last one left on the rack.

Funny how this thread is found right away by a simple search, I'm really impressed with styleforum LOL


I'm short so I had no intention to get a full length anything but the price - given the quality and style plus the fact I feel I look like a fucking hotshot bad-ass NAZI officer LOL - was just too hard to pass up.


It is very true to size. Very "sharp" looking because the fabric is very dense, stiffish wool.

For me there's no room but a thin sweater.


Funny side note: This is one of a few coats I actually tried on back in November while "just looking" and I was like "uhhh, maybe no....I look like a fucking NAZI officer....".

I was in love with the hipster Ovadia coat but their stuff is just too expensive.





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Just picked it up! I love it!


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Originally Posted by Hedges View Post

Just picked it up! I love it!



how much it it ?


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I own the Officer's Coat. I've fielded at least one compliment every time I've worn it. I'm actually borderline 38-40 and the S fits great but I don't wear it layered with a sportcoat. I'd say go TTS if you layer, down one if you don't (though I maintain this for all outerwear).

It hits at my knee - almost dead center of the kneecap. And it's super warm as you'd expect, maybe not necessarily because of the wool quality/weight (which is superlative) but because you'll break a sweat carrying the thing on your shoulders on a walk of any significance.
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yo if any of you guys ever get of the officer's coat hit me up (S or M)
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Is there a list of billy reid stockists anywhere?
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Has anyone tried the Delta mock sweater from the spring collection? I'm interested in it, but I'm worried that -- like most of his knits -- it is too short in the body. Smalls would generally fit me perfect if they were like two inches longer.

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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Is there a list of billy reid stockists anywhere?

These are the ones I'm familiar with.

Neiman Marcus


Scoop NYC
Union Made Goods
Frances May

Mr Porter
Park and Bond
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Billy Reid
Friends and Family 20% off though the 18th.
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^ Yup. Just picked up two shirts. Thanks.

Still want to get a yellow "Make Cornbread" shirt in small. Some day.
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New collection just popped up on the Billy Reid site: "Heirloom" - made in USA:

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I have been wearing my new pair of kentwood ropers to work for the past 3 weeks. The boot is amazing but I am already thinking about getting a cobblers hands on the boot to install rubber soles on them. The leather is super impractical in Central Florida.
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