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Depends how sensitive you are to the cold. I don't mean this is a bad way but when I tried it on, it fit like a Canada Goose in the sense that it was bulky and cropped. So by that logic it should be more than enough 

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What you consider cold or warm is relative to how tolerant you are to your environment, B.M.I, layers worn, how far and quickly you walk on your daily commute etc.

The node has 100gsm core loft, not as warm as their field jacket, but still warm. It should be good enough to tolerate single digit temperatures with a light cardigan/sweater underneath, or even a thin Heat Tech shirt from Uniqlo.


Honestly, I don't see the point in the Node Down jacket when the Field IS cost less and is more efficient, unless it's a matter of aesthetics. The only reason for the higher price on the Node is the use of goose down. 

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Originally Posted by Szeen View Post

I really like the minimalistic looks but I am wondering if the Node Down jacket is warm enough for Toronto weather. Can anyone chime in?

I can't answer your question, but have you considered getting a separate shell and mid layer? I just picked up an Atom LT from the regular Arc'teryx line and my Align jacket fits over it perfectly. They have a bunch of mid layer options, including some very warm down ones.
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I guess I'll check it out in person soon. Being in Toronto, every other person has a Canada Goose lol. Just wanted to have something different.

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Last time I was there, the Queen st store had a good run of most sizes and colours (only white in xs). Shawn or Sean there is pretty helpful and very friendly 

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I'm in the market for a winter coat, anyone have some insight and opinions (pros/cons) on the Therme vs Fissile vs Macai vs Camosun jackets? This would be my first Arc'teryx piece.

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The Therme was a one of a kind brilliant jacket that they ruined replacing it with the Camosun. If you can still find a Therme BUY IT. The Macai is quite ugly.

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Macai=dough boy
Camosun=super slim spiral sleeves
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I would also include the Ceres in the winter coat discussion.  It is a pretty impressive jacket.  Uses Gore WindStopper membrane with a down/Coreloft combination.  Might be too bulky for some, but is not super huge.

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@Szeen The Node has an 850 European goose down fill - one of the most compact fills out there - combined with the 3-layer Gore-tex shell, it will definitely get you through a Toronto winter.
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Are there any other models of winter coats around the ceres/therme price range I should look into?

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I am also a really big fan of Westcomb.  It is another Canadian brand, but all of their stuff is actually made there.  I have the Expedition Parka which is Polartec NeoShell with Coreloft insulation and absolutely love it.  Neoshell really is awesome stuff and is comfortable enough to keep on inside which is something I never really do with Gore-tex Pro.  Even with the new membrane which breathes "up to 28% better or whatevs".

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i'm considering buying an AV Field IS for the winter but i'm not sure about the size.maybe you can help me out.

i'm 6'1 and around 162lbs. should i go for a medium or small? 

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@disko, I would go with medium for body length. I'm 6'1" 195lbs and wear a large in that jacket with a little room for layering. A small would be too short on you I think.
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thanks mate.

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