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Fashionable ski gear

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What are some popular brands and styles of ski wear and lounge wear for fashionable ski resorts? What might you see men wearing on the slopes of St. Moritz/Gstaad/Aspen, for instance? Thanks
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any Bond stuntman who has designed his own ski wear line.
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Bogner. For the younger set (under age 35), you might find more Patagonia, at least in the US. For lounge wear, Loro Piana cashmere, including Storm System vests and jackets. Dale sweaters. Some fur in the evenings too. Not leather jackets. Get on the mailing list for a store in Vail called Gorsuch, as they carry all the good stuff.
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I second Patagonia - also Marmot. Spyder seemed to be popular last season. If you want MTM skiwear, check out Beyond Fleece which is great stuff.
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Descente or Couloir are my two favorites for on-the-slopes.
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In Europe, I think Bogner and Killy are most popular amongst the older set. I personally wear Killy pants and Salomon everything else. I also like Arcteryx and North Face, but I don't think they're too popular in Europe.
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Chanel has an Apres line.
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Arcteryx Marmot Patagonia Cloudveil
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Thank you very much for the suggestions. Is there anything else I should know? For example, is there a danger in dressing too flashily at a tony ski resort? Are there any colors I should stick to or avoid? And what about accesories like scarves, etc? thanks again.
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I hate to always be the practical one on here, but I wanted to point out that LL Bean has some good ski wear at reasonable prices. I have this jacket LL Bean It's only $129 and I have gotten numerous compliments on it. IMHO - it looks as good as the $600 - $1000 jackets I saw the last few times I've been skiing in Vail. Bradford
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on the practical side, I wear army surplus west german wool pants. They have cargo pockets, and are super warm.
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Patagonia cleared out much of last year's winter merchadise in August. Much is sold out on the website, but you can get some awesome deals by calling individual stores. I got a couple of coats that were about 50% off. The R4 jacket is unbelievable. -Dan
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Label King is Chanel's apres ski line only available in the Chanel boutiques?
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Label King is Chanel's apres ski line only available in the Chanel boutiques?
Yes, I believe only in the Chanel boutiques. The line was introduced about 2-3 years ago. The department stores like Neiman, Bergdorf's, etc. do not carry it. If I recall correctly.
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