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Zegna shirts

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Just found some Zegna dress shirts on deal.com, does anyone have any experience with the listed shirts? If so are they a good value at the $50. Just looking to get a decent white and a light blue shirt (slim fitting if possible since I am quite thin), so any other brand suggestions would be welcome. These will not be worn with a suit and only occasionally with a tie, hoping to find some suggestions under $100 if possible.
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I think those are OK, although they do have a pocket so if you are wearing them without a tie, that could be an issue, at least it is for me. As far as other alternatives, you can look on ebay and there are a fair assortment of great shirts that are less than $100, turnbull & asser, hilditch & key, thomas pink, etc.
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I agree with drizz here -- you can buy Zegna shirts all day long on Ebay. Used ones for $20-30; new ones for $60-90 or so. Zegna shirts clearly have different grades. I've seen some at Filene's Basement that appear to be regular dress shirts at first, but they don't have removable collar stays, for example. Check out EBay seller parisvegas; he always has lots of good, used Zegna shirts at bargain basement prices: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws....isvegas
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