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Thomas pink shirts from ebay

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I received one of those Thomas Pink shirts from ebay, and it seems to be identical to a Thomas Pink shirt that I bought in London, so I think that seller is selling legitimate goods. $40 delivered, grey shirt in S170s. The quality seems pretty nice, although not as nice as my T&A sea islands.
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what was the seller ID again? ps - i'm not shilling ...
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What is the fit like on Thomas Pink shirts? $40 seems like a good price for the shirts.
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I think they fit fairly close to T&A or H&K. At full price they are really overpriced but for $40 I think they are a good deal.
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Are these new? For the 170s fabric, $40 is an awesome price. I've two of those Pink 170's shirts -- incredibly comfortable; the fabric is like silk.
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yeah, they are brand new with tags, I really like this shirt (been wearing it today)
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I'm kind of doubting the authenticity, now. I went back and checked his feedbacks - it's okay, but he has several negatives/neuturals for selling fakes. I will not trust a seller who has sold fakes in the past, because all of their credibility is blown with me. However, I've never seen Pink faked before. The negatives were from D&G, Burberry, and Lacoste shirts - commonly faked items. It could be that he did get his hands on a large quantity of Pink shirts, but I still have some doubt.
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well here's the thing, he's selling lacoste india shirts, and many people think those items are fake, but they are just not for the US market. I have a couple of these shirts because I like the 80s lacoste look more than their modern designs, and they are definitely different than US, many people accuse them of being fakes. Not sure about the D&G complaint though.
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Talking about deals on shirts - just got an Armani Collezioni formal shirt with wing collar and proper studs, and a white Corneliani shirt, no pocket, slim cut, French cuffs (originally from Barneys and Mr. Sid, respectively,) at Filene's Basement, for $39 bucks apiece. That's about 80% off each. One can never buy too many well made white shirts on sale.
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Umm, I disagree with the NEVER have too many white shirts.  The last time I counted, I had amassed 3 button cuff, 4 FC semi-spread, and another 2 FC point collared white shirts.  That's 9 total taking up valuable closet space. Add another four to the mix, if you include a slim fit short sleeve from Theory and another SS from RL, plus two formal shirts.
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After reading the seller's feedback, there is no way in hell I would buy anything from them.  There are numerous negative feedbacks claiming the shirts are fake (granted almost all are for Lacoste) and the seller is very arrogant (i.e. You're RETARDED, stop looking at the shirt sideways. THE SHIRT IS FLAWLESS.&#33.   One of the buyers said their Lacoste shirt was a good fake and they would not have known if not for the absence of MOP buttons.  The seller's response was that not all Lacoste shirts have the MOP buttons and they later specifically mention the lacosteindia site to refute a separate buyer's negative feedback.  This is right from the lacosteindia website: Mother of Pearl buttons are the last step in the production process, and the ultimate refinement for many polos each season. Although it could be a coincidence, I find it odd that none of the Pink shirts are half sizes.  Taking into effect the Lacoste shirts I really have to doubt the authenticity of the Pink shirts.
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Yeah, I noticed that post about the MOP buttons as well, although both of the lacoste india shirts I have from this vendor do have MOP buttons, and I was wondering why there weren't any half-sizes, but I imagine they bought from a vendor in bulk. If these pink shirts are fake though, they are indistinguishable from the originals, as I have them side by side and everything is identical from the tags to the stitching to the feel of the fabrics.
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