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Originally Posted by heldentenor View Post

Dropped at the Post Office today. Should be in the hands of their recipient by week's end.


Got them and they're unfortunately too tight on my legs even though J Crew pants in the same size fit.

Thankfully I'm in a place (i.e. grad school) where lots of people could do with business casual pants for clinic, so I'll find them a good home!

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Heh found two friends that are taking them off my hands...err legs?
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Thanks RTC, the RTP just keeps on giving! nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

Some free ties with (very minimal) conditions:


Nice one Clags nod[1].gif
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Anybody want a navy Zegna double-breasted trackstripe suit?  (About a 48/38R).  A bit old-school cut but elegant and made from a beautiful cloth.  My only condition is that it goes to someone who will wear it.  


Just measured, and: 



18 inches across the shoulder

20.75 inches across the chest

24 inches from shoulder to cuff on the sleeves (working cuffs)

30.5 inches from the collar to the hem down the center seam


Trousers (slimmer): 

Single pleats

15.5 inches across the waist

29.25 inches down the inseam

1.5 inch cuffs



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fabulous @heldentenor
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Sorry to anyone coming in late, these are spoken for.

(my first stab at this, lets see how it goes...)

fyi: I have 8 dress shirts by Barba, Borrelli, Isaia, Sartoria Partenopeia which are either/both slightly too slim in the chest (they are around 20" I've bulked up slightly) or the sleeves are now too short (I normally have a 35.5" sleeve, these are mostly 35" and, yes, that .5" or so bugs me). They are mostly CBD stables - light blue, a pow blue, a cream, a couple of white/off-white with subtle checks, etc - but all very high quality. They are free to whomever will pay for shipping (see pics + details below).

For comparison, I'm 6'3 and an athletic 185lbs with a 33" waist. These are all tailored to a trim fit, I think all have darts, and are either a 15.75 or 16 collar. All are within +/- 1/2" of these measurements:

1. 20.50" chest
2. 18.75" waist
3. 21.00" hem
4. 15.75" collar
5. 24.50" sleeve
6. 18.50" shoulder
7. 29.00" back length
8 27.00" front length

I have one requirement - you can not flip them; if they do not work out for you you must either donate them or relist them here. If I see them surface on ebay, B&S, grailed, or elsewhere I will not be happy.

If possible, I'd appreciate you putting $20 towards shipping (pay me via paypal) - I'll happily refund what's leftover or I will chip in if it's more.

The first person who PMs me as seriously interested will get them. I'll update this post once they are "off the market". Sorry if you find this post late, but hang in - fate works in funny ways.

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Fantastic @razl many thanks
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Originally Posted by Cleav View Post

Fantastic @razl many thanks

And thanks to you for starting the thread and providing a super easy conduit to do good deeds. While I am sure my local charity would have appreciated them, I suspect (hope!) the SF receiver will appreciate them more.
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