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Casual clothing sites and queer eye...

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Hi guys, Do you know any internet sites that focus more on casual clothing? I'm looking for something cool to wear on the street, on dates or at school. Also, you think Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is worth watching? They start broadcasting it today in my country. Thanks..
post #2 of 8 I guess they do give you some good pointers, looking at what alot of 25 to 34 year olds are wearing(Jeans with an un-tucked dress shirt, sandals[After 5PM no less] and hair that took 3 hours to get it looking messed just right). Some of my friend jokingly say; "More Queer Eye, less American Idol" NP
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I think Queer Eye can be very funny, but I would never watch it for style advice. For casual clothing I would recommend you pay attention to what characters in movies are wearing, go shopping and find what looks good on you. Always apply what you find to your own style, never taking someone else's style directly. Your style should match your personality.
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Casual clothing - wear what's comfortable and affortable for you. Just t-shirt and some bootleg jean and some desel shoes will do it?
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"what not to wear" is a little better in terms of style advice. the BBC version is better than the US one. the US version is succumbing to that particular syndrome of 'reality TV' shows wherein the 'real people' being featured are increasingly less 'real' as time goes on. recently they (the US version) have been featuring good-looking people with charisma and attitude...who really seem unlikely to need a style makeover; i'm guessing they slobbed themselves up just to get on the show. i know it makes for a more entertaining episode, but the show has become less about style and more about the battle between the hosts and the 'victim'. same with most of those home-improvement shows. you never learn anything about design or decorating. /andrew - still waiting for his 15 minutes
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I agree with Brian in SD -- it's best for entertainment purposes only. BTW, an article in this past Sunday's NYT Style section panned Carson's new book, saying, in a nutshell, that his advice for wardrobe staples were unoriginal and almost exactly the same as those suggested by a style book from about 15 years ago...
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As far as Queer Eye goes, I can think of at least 30 members on this board who could give better fashion advice than any of those QE guys could... Many of the outfits are just ridiculous. Even worse are some of the looks Carson tries to pull off. He's just too over-the-top gay, almost as if he's just doing it for attention or for show. I've got several gay friends and none of them act like that, nor do their friends.
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You can find lots of casual clothing advice on this site, just not from me (unless you want to look like a 40 year old father of 4). As for Queer Eye, it's fun, but I'd take most of what Carson says with a grain of salt. He's a bit over the top. Tom, the interior designer, however, is a real genius. I'd turn my house over to him in a heartbeat. My mind just boggles at his amazing talent. Makes me want to become a true slovenly slob, just to lure the Fab 5 to my home so Tom could work his magic.
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