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Alternative to A.P.C. Ferries jacket

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Hi everyone


I'm looking for a more affordable alternative to this ferries jacket from A.P.C. Louis W.:


This one's amazing but my budget won't allow it (or rather my conscience). Any recommendations for alternatives are very welcome!

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Welcome to the forum, MJ. I cant think of any off the top of my head, but someone around here should be able to help. We have a weekly thread that would be great for questions like this. Next time you have a quick question, check it out. Here is the link for this week:
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Thanks for the welcoming! :)


No suggestions so far. Actually, I am more and more leaning towards going for the A.P.C. one. I've always been impressed by their quality. Do you people think this one is worth the investment?

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I just bought one and I am afraid it may not be. Got it in blue and love the muted washed out look, but I have sizing and quality issues. I purchased my normal size, medium, but it seems to fit large in the chest and shoulders. Not at all a tailored look. The leather is soft but I have seen better. The problem with the leather it is stiff, heavy, and has very little movement. I hate the way the jacket drapes. Combined with the stiff leather and oversized fit the jacket creates a terrible silhouette . I am confused why people call this ultimate staple piece.

I believe other brands like Oliver Spencer could be a better valve. I have wanted the Ferris Jacket for a while now, but ultimately after pulling the trigger I am extremely disappointed.
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