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Hi guys, I recently bough a new navy suit (reading posts on this board really helped, BTW) and need to get shoes next. What style/color/brand works with my suit yet is versatile enough to wear with dressy chinos or even jeans sometimes? I got up to $300 to spend. Thanks in advance.
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d.h.-- From dressy navy suit to jeans is IMHO a bit of a stretch, but here are two ideas, both applicable at least to the suit when worn during the day as well as to chinos, at least: (a) tobacco-colored reverse-calf bals (cap toe or wing tip); (b) black tassel loafers. Alden has both (but not within your stated budget). Both are probably available from Johnston Murphy or Allen Edmonds at or near your price point. For evening wear, I think the suit needs black lace-ups--although others here would go for dark brown. Regards, Mike
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I saw a pair of Bruno Magli (yayayah) wingtipped laceup boots that might do the trick. You are going to look very, um, Italian in both outfits though.
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Monk straps, chelsea, jodphur or chukka boots, or a refined split-toe. Make sure the monks or boots have a plain toe of elegant design, and a leather sole.
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If you live anywhere near an Allen-Edmonds outlet, you can probably get a nice pair of black lace-ups AND a pair of dressy casual shoes for your $300 or a little more. For example, they had the Park Avenue in black on sale for $149 when I was there at the end of last month. Yeah, they're seconds, but most of the time you're going to be very hard pressed to even discern the flaw.
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Thanks guys. Really good stuff; now I have something to work with when I go shopping tomorrow or the next day. I think I'll concentrate on a more suit-oriented pair of shoes then, and get something more casual later. Most likely get some black cap toes. I live near San Francisco, so if anyone here knows of any outlets near me that would be great. Oh yeah, excuse my ignorance, but what are "bals"?
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Once you figure out your style and your size, keep an eye out on ebay. Always lots of discounted Allen Edmonds shoes on sale. $300 could get you 2-3 pairs.
Oh yeah, excuse my ignorance, but what are "bals"?
For a primer on shoe terminology read A. Harris's excellent post: Shoes Explained
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(a) tobacco-colored reverse-calf bals
Mike, Although your idea may be elegant, I suspect from the writer's budgetary constraints that he may be both young and not an heir to the Duke of Windsor's tastes- he does not yet recognize the word "bal". I didn't know what it meant when I was younger either. In any case, brown suede medallion captoes might be very conspicuous in a younger crowd outside the larger cities.
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