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Polo "greysouthern shoes" on bluefly

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Has anyone tried these shoes? How's the quality of the leather and the construction specs? I hope they are not corrected grain. http://www.bluefly.com/pages....4786516
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I ordered that shoe yesterday in black (considered brown as well, but I need something a little less basic in brown)... At that price, I have to say I expect them to be corrected grain. Their full retail is listed at $225, even there I'd expect corrected grain leather. Maybe my expectations have just been lowered. If you're willing to wait, I'll be happy to report on them when they arrive (they haven't shipped yet).
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Shoreman, unfortunately tomorrow the sale will be over. Did anyone else get these?
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Haha, I was about to ask the same question when the gentleman of gentleman, A Harris posted up the link last night. I ordered a pair myself. The soles seems to have a funny rubber inset between them. Makes them a bit thicker then I would have liked. But $90 and some change shipped with the 15% coupon, I think it's pretty good deal. Always nice to have more shoes to rotate. Damn, now I need even more shoe trees. I am sure people here have a forest of shoe trees. Right now, I am just in the range of neighborhood park of shoe trees. I will definitely let people know how they are when I get them. Hey, at least they are made in Italy and not China.
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I got my pair today. They are rather plain and boring but nonetheless, they have a leather sole. The stitching on the bottom of the sole is very coarse. I think I will use some shoe cream to darken them up. As for the uppers, it's not black black. Almost has a grey tint to them. First thing was to apply a liberal amount of black shoe cream to them, at least to the toe area. That made them much more blacker with a deeper black to them. A few coats of Kiwi black shoe polish, spit-shined of course and the shoe looks pretty decent. I will work on them a bit more to create a richer black effect. I only did the right shoe to compare/constrast the difference. I will take pics if someone wants.
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