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Sachiko M / Toshimaru Nakamura / Otomo Yoshihide - Good Morning Good Night


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^^ That music hurt my ears. Literally.
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Well, admittedly it's no 4'33"...but it's also no Variations II!

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I'm not sure, but I think it was the high pitches that hurt my ears.
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I love the guitar solo to this one. The whole song is great, though.
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Skipped lolla this year, but spent a bunch of time watching the live stream/listening in the background. I think I preferred this to attending...saw a lot of really cool sets that I definitely would not have seen in person (would have been at another stage). Being able to change channels instantly meant I could jump between stages without running across the park.

A few bands I had never heard of that were highlights from what I saw:
Meg Myers - I found a bootleg copy of the livestream on a torrent site and it is awesome. Might upload the set to youtube if someone doesn't beat me to it.
Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue - This was really good. I would have been at the opposite site of the park when they were playing, but they stole the show. At one point they broke into a cover of Green Day's Brain Stew, complete with horn section.
Bunch of other bands whose names I can't recall...hopefully I can wade through the live stream schedule and identify them.

Arctic Monkeys' headlining set was great:
Originally Posted by Michigan Planner View Post

I'm the reverse. I generally prefer going to festivals alone so that I don't worry about trying to accommodate others and what they want to see. Between 2003 and 2009, I made it to just about every Bonnaroo, Coachella, ACL, Lollapolooza, and Pitchfork and went solo and with friends and always enjoyed the solo trips more.

Wait... maybe that just doesn't speak well of my choice of friends?

I'd be fine alone, especially at Lolla sized festivals...but pitchfork is a bit more low key, and I would have less stuff I want to see/would want to have friends around. At a Lolla, it was great to have a friend or two, but it helps if they want to see the exact same bands and are fine literally running between stages. Any more than that (or whiney folk who don't want to maximize their festival) and it stops being fun.
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This set was great
We'll see how long it stays on youtube
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For the first time in several years I have been actively seeking out new music recently(midlife crisis status unconfirmed). To my surprise, I have become fan of a few knew things, pretty much all of it some version of electronica (do people still call it that? ) . Namely:

Ulrich Schnauss
Sebastian Tellier
Pantha Du Prince

So if anyone has any other cool recommendations along those lines I would appreciate hearing them.
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Cover looks odd. Songs are pretty good.
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Spoon - They Want My Soul. Digging it.
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