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Just started checking out a band called, The 1975. I'm intrigued by some of their songs.
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Absolutely loving this album. Best I've heard this year.

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Between this guy and Frank Ocean, I seriously hope good R & B is coming back. Most of the stuff from the last 10 years has been weak as piss. Same with country.

Although Weeknd's other songs aren't really as awesome as this one.
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Im about halfway through the Flaming Lip's latest. This is probably their best since Yoshimi. Just straight up stoner rock.
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I'm really looking forward to QOTSA's new album. Not sure whether to go to their concert in Berlin since they play on two festivals right before. Last time in Hamburg, Josh Homme's voice was noticeably weakened by excessive partying. It was great nonetheless.
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Saw Swans last night, which was absolutely insane. Chest shattering volume, the kind of thing most people need to experience, just remember to bring earplugs.


Anyway, one of the support bands was some dude called Ben Frost who I'd never heard of before. He was incredibly good, so I'm rinsing the album on BandCamp and will probably be buying it later today.

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Other than the stuff I've posted recently, I'm also listening to Rise Against, whom I haven't listened to in years. Actually, I listened to their records like 4-5 years ago (I own three or four of their albums) when they were really unknown (at least around here). Not really my favorite type of music anymore, but it's good memories, even at my young age.
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Nmperign / Jason Lescalleet - Love Me Two Times

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Anyone seen Black Rebel Motorcycle Club live recently?
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I've been listening to David Lang's relatively new piece called "love fail." It's in the ballpark of Little Match Girl Passion, for which he won the Pulitzer Prize in 2008. (Little Match Girl Passion is absolutely beautiful, btw.)
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So pumped for the Steely Dan tour this summer. Seeing Jon Herrington shred Kid Charlemagne is always the highlight; closest you can get to Larry Carlton's original guitar-work.
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That's such a great piece.

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