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Originally Posted by Rambo View Post

New Gossip album. I don't understand why this chick isn't more popular. It must be because she's obese. She's like the 2010 reincarnation of Debby Harry and Madonna's love child. The music pretty fucking catchy too. Recommended if you like chick music that rocks.

Gossip is great...

She is a fat lesbian not wearing deodorant and most people can't get past them..
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Big fan of obese artists.
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Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace View Post

^it is much much better than that...

I'll be the first to admit I'm not his biggest fan. Figured I'd feed into the hype and give it a listen. For whatever reason I keep thinking of him as the cool kid's John Legend. I know that doesn't make much sense as their styles and genres aren't really on the same page, but I still can't help but pigeon hole Ocean into an occasional listen, much like John Legend.

The second listening this morning is also going better than the first, so perhaps it will grow on me...
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Frank Ocean: Channel Orange streaming for free.

My Favourite Albums, 2012, So Far (Click to show)
1. Azealia Banks: 1991
2. The Rough Guide to Highlife
3. Spoek Mathambo: Father Creeper
4. Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Americana
5. Loudon Wainwright III: Older than My Old Man Now
6. Frank Ocean: Channel Orange
7. Todd Snider: Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables
8. Ani DiFranco: ¿Which Side Are You On?
9. My Bloody Valentine: EPs & Rarities 1988–1991
10. Plug: Back on Time

11. Himanshu: Nehru Jackets
12. The Magnetic Fields: Love at the Bottom of the Sea
13. The Rough Guide to the Music of Morocco (Second Edition)
14. Bruce Springsteen: Wrecking Ball
15. Leonard Cohen: Old Ideas
16. Balkan Beat Box (BBB): Give
17. Madonna: MDNA
18. A Place to Bury Strangers: Worship
19. Lee Ranaldo: Between the Times and the Tides
20. Dabke: Sounds of the Syrian Houran
21. Big Baby Gandhi: No1 2 Look Up 2
22. Beach House: Bloom
23. Japandroids: Celebration Rock
24. Allo Darlin’: Europe
25. Thomas Anderson: The Moon in Transit
26. Jack White: Blunderbuss
27. Francis Bebey: African Electronic Music 1975-1982
28. Sleigh Bells: Reign of Terror
29. Amadou & Mariam: Folila
30. Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
31. Homeboy Sandman: Subject: Matter
32. Death Grips: The Money Store
33. Cloud Nothings: Attack on Memory
34. Bhi Bhiman: Bhiman
35. s / s / s: Beak & Claw
36. Carolina Chocolate Drops: Leaving Eden
37. Big KRIT: 4eva ‘n’ a Day
38. Serengeti: Kenny Dennis EP
39. Homeboy Sandman: Chimera
40. Karantamba: Ndigal

Channel Orange might go up or down, depending on how I feel, and the Dabke will, probably, go down. I'm not too sure about this Gossip; it might get a low honourable mention from me, as it's nowhere near as catchy, as it wants to be.
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Some personal favs. (2012):

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Nas- LIfe Is Good

Probably one of the better rap albums to be released this year. Official release is next Tuesday.
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Jack White - Blunderbuss - I really don't understand the love for this guy. Its the same 5 guitar chords in every song and listening to his voice is like listening to Beyonce trying to sing while getting fucked in the ass by a pile driver with a dildo on the end.

Santogold - Master of My Make Believe - Not as good as her first album but a solid listen. A lot of slower tracks on this one.

Alabama Shakes - Boys and Girls - Absolutely my favorite new album of the year. Or even the last two years. The lead singer is like a cross between Janis Joplin and Grace Slick. Highly recommended if you like southern rock with a twist.
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Originally Posted by bourbonbasted View Post

Just gave channel ORANGE by Frank Ocean a listen. For my money the only three tracks that stand out are "Thinkin Bout You," "Super Rich Kids" and "Pink Matter." Still a nice, low key melodic album. Good for adding a soft edge to a dinner party, studying or falling asleep.

agreed, you listen to aesop rock's new album?

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lately I have been into afropunk I really like mike ladd's welcome to the afterfuture, this is the first track but definitly listen to the whole album if you can!

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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post

Big fan of obese artists.

Haha, Yeah, larger people are just way cooler/soulful/prone to diabetes


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Originally Posted by Ian Erickson View Post

agreed, you listen to aesop rock's new album?

I haven't, though I am an Aesop fan for sure. My latest rap foray was with Childish Gambino's new mixtape, which left me less than thrilled. Have to give the new Aesop Rock album a listen in the hopes of restoring my faith in hip hop.
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Goyte - Making Mirrors - This is shit. Just shit. A few funny noises and sounds effects does not an album make.
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Chilly Gonzales - The Unspeakable
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