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bad religion station on pandora helps me get through the workday
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LFO (not the boy band)

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...specifically The Lonely Goatherd.... quite funny 120+ Chinese and Mongolian students trying hard to yodel.
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Originally Posted by Surfrider View Post
I recently discovered Jethro Tull. He's pretty good, and it's impressive how may instruments he can play.

My neighbours also discovered Jethro Tull, when I moved into the current apartment a few months ago.
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@ Aaron01 nice to see some heavy stuff on here.

I've been doing a lot of High on Fire recently as well as revisting some Mike Patton/Fantomas stuff. Director's Cut is a total fucking classic....
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I'm really digging the new TV on the Radio. It's a lighter fare than Dear Science but still full of awesome TVotR moments. Beginning to think these guys can do no wrong. The entire thing is online on youtube with videos. Best tracks are Second Song, No Future Shock, Repitition, Caffeinated Consciousness.

Tried the new Panda Bear and agree with Stevenhero. It's bland.

Originally Posted by long_knives View Post
Not music, per se, but watched the Scott Walker documentary "30th Century Man" the other day. My god is he is making some downright terrifying music. Facinating, but fucking terrifying.

Great documentary. Worth watching for the 60s Jaque Brell style performances alone.
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In a 60s/folkie mood today

Grateful Dead - American Beauty - Their catalog I could mostly take or leave, and the culture that arose around them is pretty embarrassing, but damn there are some sweet songs on this album

Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited - This is like Dylan's punk album. Pretty raw for the early 60s.

The Band - Moondog Matinee - I never really listen to this album. It's not as good as their first two but its damned enjoyable.
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Mos Def / black star
Florence and the machine
Radio head
30 seconds to mars
post #5711 of 10869 right now ive been listening to that for the last hour or so while I do my paper. However, I'm really getting entrenched in power electronics and fucking up my ear drums till they bleed pretty much. I just like numbing myself everytime I put shit on full blast. Especially whitehouse and throbbing gristle...I can go to sleep while my ears bleed to that.
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^The Weeknd is boss. After a spell of Kitsune compilations, back to these two on loop: Childish Gambino.
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listening to Yelle which is a guilty pleasure of mine. She is in concert here tonight which I am going to.
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