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You are correct sir. I should amend my statement as only saphir mdo creams were used which do contain wax.
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A few pics of latest work

Allen Edmonds Carlyle.

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I originally contributed to this thread under a different UN when it first started.  Since then I've had to create another account because I was inactive for about 2 yrs.  And forgot my account information.


1. Stripped shoes using Angelus Deglazer. I didn't condition shoes as I should have.  A step I skipped because I didn't have any leather conditioner.

2. Painted the shoes using Angelus leather shoe paint.  Something different than dying. Three layers of dark mocha brown, 2 coats of medium blue two coats, and then two coats of Navy.

3. Polished dark mocha with Meltonian shoe cream.  Navy in coats of Neutral coat of Meltonian.  

4. Steps I will eventually get around to doing soon is conditioning the shoes.  Then applying multiple layers of matching shoe creams and polish to achieve a nice shine.

5. Clean up blemishes and soles with sole polish.

6. Buff, buff, and buff.


Started off as a pair of Mezlan's in medium brown. 


Step 1



Step 2



Step 3


Step 4 


Step 5



This is my first attempt at painting shoes. I have several other pairs that I will change colors.  Practice makes perfect.


I welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions. 



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Tony I like the spectator look of the shoes. If you have other pairs you are attempting i would highly recommend getting into the dyes. they are a lot harder to work with and takes a lot more practise but the results will work out better over time. You will get a better shine out of dyes as they penatrate the leather, also you get a natural patina over time or through different polishes. The angelus paint basically acts like painting a canvas. Still the result came out great for a first attempt. keep it up. 

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