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Dream job!

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lf you could have any job you please, what would it be?
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I would be a Sports Agent.
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Dream: Full professor of English literature at a small liberal arts college in the Northeast US. Realistic dream: Book editor, media relations executive.
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My dream job is Partner at Brown Brothers Harriman.
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I would travel the world, being paid extremely well, looking for things for filthy rich people to spend their money on. **Any people out there who just compulsivly spend large quantities of money? I'm still available.**
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I want to be a self-employed Graphic Artist, in San Fransisco, London or Tokyo. That is my dream job, and the realism of it has yet to be determined.
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To be Bob Guccioni's personal be a shoe salesman
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To be Bob Guccioni's personal be a shoe salesman
ew...his casting director, or talent scout, yes...but not his PA...that's a monica job if i ever heard one.
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good point, how about head poser-talent scout
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Rock star or an Attorney. Rock star = sex, drugs and rock n roll. Attorney = screw the bad guys.
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I'd love to have Michael Schumacher's (Formula 1 driver) job (and his talent so I could pull it off.)
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Sports and Rap star. Hey, Shaq's living my dream. Seriously, to have an empire of many high end boutiques (e.g. to own Bergdorfs, Barneys, Wilkes Bashford, Louis Boston, 10 Corso Como, Maxfield, Jeffrey NYC, Atrium NYC, Colette) as well the major department and specialty stores (from Macys to Robinson May to Saks to the Gap to Banana Republic) catering to pretty much every demographic, so I could dictate my style on the world. I would also own all the cool bars and make sure no own looking lame was allowed in anywhere, further consolidating my position as fashion tsar. I would also do science on the side, unencumbered by the need to write grants and do boring but payday science - just do whatever research I found interesting. Sort of like a more fashionable Howard Hughes.
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what I do now, for a slightly more stable company and about 25% more money would be my dream job.
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[1] An in demand independent drummer, for studio, touring musicians. [2] W/ a home based business on the side. I could live off of a 6 figure yearly salary...mid century modern eichler style home in a scenic area of the country....Range Rover, Maserati Quattroporte..... bespoken2
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Chairman of a world famous company dealing with uspcale clothes. Company I had created with my grilfriend, me for men, she for women...
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