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How do you keep your garnmets?

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ok, I would like to know how you folks maintain your clothes. 1) suits: i put them in closet. sometimes I put them in garnment bag to keep away from dust. 2) Shirts: ones that i wear in season, I hang them 3) dress pants: hangers. 4) knits: I used to hang them, but delicate fabric ones tend to stretch out when hanged, so, now i fold them and put them in drawer. The problem of putting items in a drawer is that, when you want to wear a cloth out from drawer, most likely the item is wrinkled. Also I forget about the clothes in the drawer. So, what do u say guys ..
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Things that absolutely need to be hung up - jackets, suits, get hung up. Jeans, sweaters, and most other casualwear gets put into a drawer. Why is this an interesting topic?
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What is the best way to keep ties? Thanks.
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Ties - I had a tie hanger hanging on the inside door of my wardrobe with my ties and it had room for about 40 of them. It kept them visible and acessable. Now, after a change in my habits and after the mysterious loss of my hanger, I keep them all rolled up in the cardboard box I shipped them to Stockholm in. A sorry state of affairs and what's even more sad is that I kept buying new ties until it dawned on my that I really didn't need them anymore. B
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I would seriously recommend against storing ties rolled up for a long time. I did this once and it proved difficult getting some ties to hang right again. I hang my ties up - I have one special purpose hanger, and have about 40 on that, but have discovered that if you are careful you can hang ties over an ordinary wire hanger -that's where the other 300-odd are hanging on 6 hangers on the back of 2 doors. That way my wife doesn't have to be reminded of them all the time
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