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Style help needed

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So, I have an awful casual wardrobe.  Looking for some advice about building it up without spending a fortune.   Some problems: I'm tall with long arms, enough so that I can't walk into a store and buy a shirt that fits well.  I'm stuck with buying shirts online that come in tall sizes, from J. Crew or the like.  I also have an 'athletic' build so that I  need to wear 'relaxed' trousers, because my thighs are large with respect to my waist. Basically I'm clueless when it comes to casual clothes.  I need to start from the ground up.  I don't even know what to do for shoes.  Pretty sad, yes?   Would like to have some decent threads for going around town, and some better ones for going out to bars and clubs. Any advice?
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Sorry, I stink at casual but then again I'm blessed with the fact that any sports shirt in small will fit me like a glove. Therefore it's Dieslels and H&M (or Next) short sleeved shirts for me and I seem to get a away with it. Then again, at my age I'm not expected to be hip, cool and trendy when it comes to casualwear. B
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what size neck/sleeve? i'm tall w/ long arms also, so i have some familiarity
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sleeves are 37... just outside of what you can easily get... neck varies, probably 17... I'm in my early 30's, don't need ultra-hip just want to look good...
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you just described me. early 30s 16.5/37 it's really not hard to find shirts. granted a lot you see will have 35 sleeves, but i have a ton that work from lorenzini and barbera. it all depends on your budget and how good you are at finding deals, but i'm living that same life and it's not easy, but it's not really hard either
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What happened to the suggestions of Jantzen?
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