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I carry a small knife when I'm wearing jeans and use it mostly for opening packages or cutting plastic. I feel naked without it, though I could probably use a key if I had to in most cases. I'd love if my knife could open a bottle and had a screwdriver, but there is no appeal to me for carrying a multi-tool like those pictured above. Light and thin (with a clip) are features that ensure that I choose to automatically carry a knife with me and thus are more important to me than the other functional aspects.

That said, I keep a Leatherman in the car but have never used it.
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I have a Strider PT with Lifter's Sheath on belt for my gentleman carry.


Strider SnG CC with deep carry clip for weekend carry on jeans.


Also having custom kydex sheath made for my Strider SLCC for carrying inside suit pocket.

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Opinel 6, so I don't care if I lose it.

A couple strokes on my strop with green compound and it's hair splitting sharp.
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I do have a couple of knives on the way. The first is by a South African knife maker called Andre Thorburn. Neither of these pictures are mine, but the Thorburn knife should be here within the next week and the Rockstead hopefully by the end of the month. The Rockstead was ordered at the beginning of the year and since they produce a limited number of knives not unlike Andre Thorburn they only produce certain models at certain times of the year.



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I've had several folding knives ever since childhood and for the last several years I've used a Leatherman. It's a great multitool with quick deploying blades but it is too bulky and lacks the style I want from an EDC knife. I really dislike the types of knives with tactical design cues (Spyderco etc.) but unfortunately these types of knives seem to make up the majority. For me the style of the knife takes precedence over pure utility so no thumb hole for my knife. After several days of going through dozens of different styles I've arrived at the German Otter Mercator with brass construction and carbon blade. (Pic from Google). Can't wait to see the patina this one develops!

I also considered a Laguiole type of knife but I think the slim profile of the Mercator is nicer in the pocket. 


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Opinel no 8 in carbon steel FTW. You can get it in a fancy wood if that tickles your pickle.


Laguiole I associate with cutlery more than pocket knives - in particular, the 'bee' design that most everyone in France owns in some form or another. 


#8 au carbone, same one your grandad had (if your grandad was a Savoyard cowherd):



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Just arrived yesterday.



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