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Pdc at marshall's

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To those LA area residents who may be interested in high end denim, Marshall's on Foothill Blvd in Pasadena has PDC jeans for $59.99, apparently in all sizes, I found a 34, 32, 31, 36, 38, and I assume there are smaller and larger sizes as well since those are the most common at discounters.
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youre awesome. i just grabed the last pair of 32s. there dont seem to be anymore 30s or 31s, the only other pair i saw were 38s. this internet thing sure is amazing...
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Glad you could get in on it, When I was there yesterday afternoon there was a whole bunch, guess they went pretty fast.  I picked up a couple 36s myself. A bunch of the 31-32 etc... were mixed in with the 36/38s.
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Just got a pair at the Marshalls in Boston - size 33 ICN-Mythos-twist. There is a pair of 38 Mythos Twist, if anyone is interested.
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Are you selling the jeans LA guy?
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The 33's I'm keeping (one can never have too many pairs of jeans.) I could be persuaded to pick up the other pair, or check out the other Marshalls in Boston in PMed and bribed. Can't garantee that they are still there though.
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thanks to the original poster for this thread. never did find the PDC jeans (where were they anyway?.?.??) but in the main jeans section i found a pair of John Varvatos' for $40. needless to say i was pretty happy. although the cockroach on the Blue Marlin jacket was a little offputting. -Jeff
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