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More stuff..


American buyers, the Canadian Dollar has hit a new low (.71). These items are a little pricier, but they are definitely a bargain, especially if you are located in the USA!!


Shipping not included...


(1) EG FW13 Cinch Pant Sateen Green (Rare) sz 30 - $65 CAD 




(2) FW14 EG E-1 Pant Olive Poplin Size 30 - $125 CAD





(3) FW14 Long Dayton Shirt Gun Club Twill sz Small- $150 CAD - Like New, Worn Once.



(4) FW11 EG Olive Coleman Jacket - $180 CAD - MINT CONDITION





(5) FW13 Cord Red/Black Plaid Work Shirt - $85 CAD 






(6) Needle Rebuild Ribbon Flannel Shirt sz Medium(unworn) - $100 CAD






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@timpoblete Do you still have that Brown 19th Century BD in Small?



-FW14 Primaloft Vest Navy (Small) Obviously not my photos. Worn a few times. Pretty much perfect condition. $150


Want to buy:

-FW15 Black Bull Denim Fatigues (Size 30)

-SS15 Aviator Jacket Olive or Navy (Small)

-FW15 Smock Grey Wool (Small)

-FW15 Fatigue Pants 8W Corduroy Navy (Size 30)

-FW15 Striped Jersey Crew (Small)

-FW Work shirts/19th Century BD's (Small)

-Quick Release Belt Navy or Black (32)

-Needles Oriental Shirt (Small)

-Omnigod Sweaters

-Kapital Sweaters

-FW OrSlow Fatigues/anything crazy

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WTB: Navy Uniform Serge Bedford, size small. Thanks.
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Listed a bunch of stuff here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/515693/a-bunch-of-engineered-garments-in-large-bedford-shirts


Open to trading for outerwear, but mostly just wanna sell.

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More for sale and some markdowns(shipping not included)..


(1) SS13 Work Shirt Indigo Denim sz Medium (great shape)- $60 CAD



(2) SS13 Post Overalls Striped Broadcloth shirt sz Medium - $65 


(2) SS13 Post Overalls shirt sz Medium - $50


And mark downs on the following items (refer to previous posts for pictures)


(1) EG FW13 Cinch Pant Sateen Green (Rare) sz 30 - $35 CAD


(2) EGxTBB Indigo Denim Lafayette shirt sz Small - $75 CAD


(3) EG intermediates Polka Dot BD sz Small - $25 CAD


(4) EG Navy Uniform Serge Waders sz Small - $200 CAD


(5) Needles Denim Jacket sz Medium-$ 50 CAD 

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@JamesMorse All these pieces in my size and for amazing prices had me like

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FW14 Brown Homespun Bedford in Medium. Excellent condition and barely worn.  Asking $350.




Brand new Royal Houndstooth Flannel Work Shirt in Small from this current FW season.  I tried sizing down and it's too small for me.  Asking $100 or trade for comparable work shirt or 19th Century BD in Medium.  


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Just wanna say @JamesMorse is a great seller. Grabbed some fantastic pieces. Don't hesitate to buy. 

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Want to buy : FW15 Black fleece shawl cardigan size medium
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Listed a new FW14 Homespun Tweed Norfolk Jacket in medium for sale in the classifieds here but feel free to PM me with reasonable offers. A bunch of other stuff for sale as well!


Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, z1.1.0. ||B2

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S> Engineered Garments FW15 Highland Parka (Olive Bull Denim) Size Small $375.00 (Worn like 3 times~) Payed retail ($528) for it...


S> Engineered Garments FW14 Primaloft Vest (Navy) Size Small $150.00 (Worn once) 


S> Engineered Garments FW14 Reversible Vest Size Small 200.00 (Worn twice) EXTREMELY RARE



If you are interested in any of the garments send me a Private Message/Quote me, and I'll send photos. I'm kind of lazy tbh, and unless someone is actually interested I wont be posting photos until I post them on Grailed. 

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The Canadian dollar keeps on dropping (.70 Now).


Below are more items listed in CAD. Shipping not included:


(1) EG FW14 Brown Herringbone Liner Jacket $275 (or give me a offer) sz Small-



(2) SS13 EG Bal Coat PC Iridescent Gabardine (super rare) sz Small - $300 CAD:


(3) EG SS13 Leisure Pants Wave Pattern sz Small $60:



(4) PO Royal Travellers Vest Olive Pima Poplin sz Small $65:


(5) PO Olive Flannel shirt sz Medium $75:


(6) PO Brown/Red Flannel shirt sz Medium $75:



(7) INVENTORY STOCKROOMxMT Rainier Design Reversible Vest sz Small $100:



(8) Needles Black Denim Jacket sz Medium- $75



(9) PO Navy Broadcloth Shirt sz Medium $75:




(10) PO Olive Poplin Shirt Sz Medium $35


(11) PO Indigo Denim BD shirt sz Medium $35 CAD



(12) PO Engineers Jacket Natural sz Small - $45 CAD


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James, do you hate money? I can't believe you're selling for so cheap.
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Wow, all that stuff is amazing! Wish I was a small.

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If anyones got any EG sweats / hoodies in medium they want to move on please pm me.
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