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Alfred Sargent for Herring

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How does the Alfred Sargent Armfield (at £395) compare with the AS for Herring Charles II (at £295). Is there £100 difference between these shoes?

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I had a chance to compare those 2 styles of shoes last week.  I have bought Herring Drake and Herring Charles II, and friend of mine bought Armfield.


We compared both pairs, and the first impression was - the leather on Armfields and Drakes seems to be of higher quality. However the difference (if exists) is very small. There is s well difference in detail and finishing - very easy to notice it even from pictures. The big difference in the Oak Bark Leather Sole in Armfileds. In general both styles are excellent, on the same 109 last, which in my opinion is very elegant. It only depends on the budget. With each part you cannot be wrong.

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Ive found Herrings MTO's to be superb, certainly Sargent are not skipping corners for quality. Little help for people with a tight belt, use discount code cc10 for a 10% discount ;)

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I am planing to buy H Holmes II  and I would be greatfull for some additional pictures.

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