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I'll post my list when I get to my laptop (I don't count Japanese stores because they never carry my size),
But some obvious shops you forgot:

Nen Xavier
Do not enter
Triple major
The Broken Arm
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I am looking to buy a pair of the elasticated waist pants.

It is between the indigo cotton chambray version or a pair in black cotton/silk. Both SS16.


Thinking the blue could have more interesting fabric while the black might be more versatile.


I am certain I would be happy with either but would appreciate input from anyone who owns/has tried those or another version of the elasticated pants.

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I'd say the black. The chambray is nice but fairly stiff, it took a number of washes to loosen up for me. That might be something you're looking for though.
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Also, how could I forget @SuspensionPoint as a Lemaire stockist.
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Originally Posted by OccultaVexillum View Post

I'd say the black. The chambray is nice but fairly stiff, it took a number of washes to loosen up for me. That might be something you're looking for though.


Ok, thanks for your opinion.


The black looks more sleek (and I guess the silk will further aid in that), which now that I think of it seems more in line with my personal style than the vibe of chambray.

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Chambray is soft IMO. Not stiff unless you want something like virgin wool that just drapes and hangs. I like my SS16 Elasticated Pants in Chambray (Indigo). You can find black pants from Lemaire any day of the week.
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Fwiw my chambray are from SS15 so maybe he used a nicer fabric this summer.
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Other-Shop is another UK stockist, they dont usually get a huge range but decent enough.




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Speaking of Loit they got some new stuff in.
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LOIT are having a 20% off special celebration. That's really sweet
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New stuff added to lemaire.fr

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Originally Posted by tempukk View Post

New stuff added to lemaire.fr


Some very nice basics. 

I like the shirts and knits that were added.



Does anyone own the "detachable collar shirt"?

Looks good as a basic collared shirt, and I've wanted a grandad collared shirt for a while. This one could function as both, which would be neat.

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I own the dune & midnight blue detachable collar shirts. They're amazing - I love the material & fit

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I really like the womens Camera bag


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