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Originally Posted by LefftofCentre View Post

Anyone else keen to see what's unveiled for SS17 

When in the unveiling?
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Originally Posted by Mojo1990 View Post

When in the unveiling?


A little under two days from now. 

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LOL guys, the lemaire website started their sale already... the pants I've been wanting to buy are already gone....... smh a day early

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Anyone have experience with these suit pants? Kind of hesitant because it looks kinda see through

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Sale actually started right around midnight Paris time.
I wish they had 52's on the web store :/
I think I've bought all my Lemaire from the corner and matches this season
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I'm a bit on the fence about it. Saw a few pieces that piqued my interest though

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less compelling than previous collections, though there are still very solid items to look forward to and a few splashes of colour that i quite liked

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I think its looks good, wearable but no "must have" pieces. I can still see myself copping a lot.
When its working u should not change a lot. This is what i think.
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How do you guys size the pants? Specifically looking at the One Pleat pants and the Elasticated Waist.


I am usually in between a size 48 and 50. I am able to wear a 48 in pants that have full seat and thigh and if the rise is somewhat long (like Lemaire's usual styles). 

Looking at measurements of the waist, it seems like I could wear most of his styles in a 48 if I wear them on the hips, not sagged. Does his pants usually sit high on the waist?


Appreciate any input on sizing as I have no shops nearby where I can try them on.


Edit: Just saw that this has been discussed ITT before.

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Good solid collection (when are they ever not)


Some good closeups here -

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@conceptionist I'm 99% sure you'd be good with a 48. I'm a true 50. And have some room in the waist in all my Lemaire pants, which is how I like them. Even I could potentially size down and I don't think I'd lose much in the intended look. 1,000% sure the elasticated pants in a 48 would be the right call.
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I had a quick look at the show and the accessories seem like the standout. Loafers, strap sandals, strap belt (nylon?) and I'm loving the tech-esque details like the cinch cuff pants and quilted liner jacket thing.
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@conceptionist- At the risk of making your decision more difficult, I would suggest a 50. I found with bigger thighs and butt, though I could fit a 48 they lost the lookbook fit I was looking for. The pants are great though!

I really like this shirt from the show

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Ok. Thanks for the advice.


Just ordered the pleated pants in the olive cotton and linen blend. 

Good returns policy so bought both 48 and 50.


Haven't tried Lemaire before so very excited to see how it is in person.



Re: SS17


Quite strong collection imo. A bit different but for me thats refreshing. Especially like the accessories (as noted above), the broader and braver use of color, and the more apparent sportswear influences that I get from some of the outerwear. Also a plus imo that he used more robust footwear for once.

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^ @conceptionist I was suppose to get those same pleated pants but preorder got canceled. LMK if you decide to let go of the 48.

SS17 looks nice, I like the colors a lot from my quick glance
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