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I own a size 50 Kaftan (Grey wool tweed) and tried on the 52 in the Maxi (Owl tweed) and found they fit me similarly to be honest, so I think you'll be fine.

I'm considering moving my Kaftan if anyone is interested.......
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Well shit. I may buy it then.
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If anything the Maxi coat would be more fitted due to the shoulders. Kaftan is like throwing on a blanket.
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True. I've never been able to try a kaftan, I had pre ordered one for the fall at 30% off but the shop ended up closing so they refunded me a few weeks ago.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

If anything the Maxi coat would be more fitted due to the shoulders. Kaftan is like throwing on a blanket.

I found they were pretty similar even in the shoulders for me since the Maxi was one size up.
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I can imagine that if you size up. I size down for most of the long/big coats. Partially because I have slopped shoulders, so, I think anything with a pronounced shoulder fits big or appears so. I think to the OP a size 50 should be fine unless he wants it extra long and slouchy.
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I would like it extra long and slouchy.
I can't imagine sizing down but I sent the guy an offer. If it was a 52 id pay asking price without issue, but since I'm not sure on the fit I'll probably only buy it if I can get it lower (this makes me feel like an asshole).
Basically I fit a 52 in Lemaire tops slightly 2/3's of the time. The other 1/3 I would need a 54 (the poplin tees and long sleeves for example are too small in a 52).
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Has anyone ordered off the Lemaire site, and had their item shipped to North America? Did you experience customs?
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@JackoDo -You're in Canada, right?

You might want to specify "from Canada" as the US has very different import laws. I've never ordered from them directly but I think I remember reading that they ship DHL (or FedEx) so there will be both duties and tax added when shipping to Canada.

I've email the webstore before about removing VAT and they never got back to me.....
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Guys, so after some deliberation I've decided to sell my cashmere crew neck sweat, 100% cashmere WS. I think it's from the AW14 collection before the rebrand.

I've only ever worn it once. Absolutely exquisite fabric. Very subtle and preferable fo both large and moderate build. Size L
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Why is it not a 46.......

Someone buy it omg

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Toast aren't you a 48?

I went tts on my kaftan and ❤ the fit
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I like the fit of the 46's I have (2 different fabrics and one with the button closure) and I actually have the Maxi Coat in Owl zie 46, too.

I think you are taller than me and I like to judge the Kaftan on length versus volume.

Would trade the Maxi Coat for Kaftan tough TBH.
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Who here actually has a Kaftan in Owl? Just curious.

Do you wear it all the time?
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