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Yeah, a white short sleeve spread collar button up and dark blue (?) long sleeve collarless button up.
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A few things up on matches and ssense.
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I just got a pair of the wool gab 1 pleats from this fall, soo good. I still need a pair of black linen blend elastic pants for summer though.
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What color/ material did you pick up?
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Black 60/40 wool/cotton. They had been sitting on LVR for a while with an extra 30% off, I think it was $172 all in.
My other pair are 100% cotton and are great but these ones feel so good. I'm trying to decide whether I should leave them as is or have them tapered though, my instinct is leave them, but having some black tapered pleated pants would be cool.
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Wow $172 is a great deal. I would have snagged them for that, for sure!

The hem isn't that wide is it? I like the wider hem Lemaire is going with recently.
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Not it's not that wide. Actually LVR called it "Lemaire 19cm pants" instead of one pleats so I'm guessing the hem is 19cm. 

It's not that it's too wide it's just an awkward break right now, slightly too long, so either I get them hemmed and leave the opening or I just get it tapered slightly.

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They'll work either way. You've been cleaning up lately with the Lemaire pants!
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I've been cleaning up with pants of all kinds, I pretty much wore the same 2-3 pairs for the last few years.

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What is the equivalent of size 1 on the old Christophe Lemaire? 

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44 I believe

2 = 46
3 = 48
4 = 50
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SS16 is live on the Lemaire webshop ! ! !
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The women's stuff though....

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I really like the olive blouson, and that seersucker fabric looks really good. Almost like a wool crepe.

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Great pieces this season, womens especially is lovely. I really like the Ergonomic bag





Im assuming that the 'Me Prevenir Quand Desponable' items just arent available yet and havent actually sold out instantly?

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