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We're a little late to the announcement in this thread but our Lemaire (and other brands) preorder is up:


We've put together some fantastic pieces into looks for the preorder, but if you are interested in ordering any piece from the runway, please let us know.



We'll be on our email handling all inquires until the deadline (Feb 7 end of the day).


The store credit bonus applies for any future season (both regular and sale items!):


(Full Detail): (Click to show)

Prices are in CAD (Canadian) dollars so take advantage of great exchange rates. For our Canadian customers, all taxes are included as well. In addition, this season we are offering a special bonus offer for qualified orders:

Spend 250 CAD or more: Receive 62.50 CAD in store credit.

Spend 500 CAD or more: Receive 125 CAD in store credit.

Spend 1000 CAD or more: Receive 300 CAD in store credit.

Spend 3000 CAD or more: Receive 900 CAD in store credit.

Spend 5000 CAD or more: Receive 1500 CAD in store credit.

Spend 10000 CAD or more: Receive 3000 CAD in store credit (and a free gift).

The store credit can be used on any regular items available at or in-store (no expiration date). Cannot be used on pre-orders, private orders, or any custom items. Store credit offer applies on your full pre-order (limit one per person).

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Hola friends. Sizing on pants... Do y'all find it TTS? Or does Lemaire run slightly larger/more relaxed?

I'm standardly a 30" waist and can't decide between a 44 or 46
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Go TTS, you can size down on some but TTS is always best. Suit pants sized up also look better imo
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The waist is TTS. The rest of the pant is relaxed (depending on the model) but you would have to alter the waist if you size down.
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So, gents, as a 30" I should just go for the 46?
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Sounds right. I'm a 34 and wear the 50's.
But which pair are you looking at?
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Don't know if it depends on the model, but I got some single pleat pants in 44 from this FW season - I'm like a 29" waist - and they were way too big in the waist. Could fit a fist in there.

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@OccultaVexillum I'm looking at the one pleat pants... But the measurements for past seasons say the waist for the 46 is more along the lines of a 32" (16.25) so I'm a little worried?
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@SuspensionPoint I'm digging your preorders. Question: The One-Pleats available in black gabardine... do you prefer this colour? Or the midnight blue? 

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@JackoDo The gabardine wool Lemaire uses is a great choice no matter the color. It has a tight, smooth weave so it is substantial while still having a luxurious, cool feel. You can never go wrong with black (I sit here writing this wearing all black), but this season I'm a big fan of the midnight blue because the color is beautifully saturated and the midnight blue is a little atypical (you don't see it as much as a navy or indigo) while still going with just about everything.

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@SuspensionPoint yes I think I quite like the blue. Cut wise, since you've seen the way they move in real life, have you a preference between the one pleat and the baggy, loose cut trousers? I love the last runway look with the creme coloured button down paired and the voluminous pants, but a nice taper is more classic
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The midnight and spruce shetland wools are SO good! That midnight is amazing. Lemaire's knits are by far my favorites already and this seasons shetlands look a lot thicker and more textured than past seasons.

Why nobody buy my listings so I can kop?

I hope at least somebody pre-ordered these (Is there any chance they will be stocked in a 52 or is it pre-order only?)



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Can any body help me identify these? I picked them at a pretty rad price, new with tags.

Tag says "AW14 - High Waisted Pant".

They are a size 50, which is my usual Lemaire size, but they are flat front and all of the Lemaire pants I have are pleated. Should they be a good fit or is this one of the occasions where you would size up?




I'm pretty sure it's these, did anybody pick these up? @gettoasty ?







Also. Has anybody seen any of the black flannel one pleats or elastic waisted pants in a 50 from this season anywhere? Or would you recommend the linen/wool blend verses the cotton/wool blend or have any input on those two fabrics?

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Were those the ones on Ebay?

I looked at to if so, but decided the material was to similar to the one pleats I already have. I was also thinking I might need a size up so I passed.
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Yeah those are the ones. I wasn't sure of the sizing either so I sent a pretty modest offer and he accepted, so if they don't work out somebody else can get a deal.

Are the pleat ones you have the lichen from this season?

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