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Lemaire can definitely throw down when putting together a leather jacket IMO. The leather just feels really substantial, more so than the Rick Owens jacket I had prior. If I had to guess it's probably lamb but it's so heavy!

This leather is supple yet thick, cozy enough for fall and winter season and the cotton lining definitely helps. The arms feel padded at first but it must be the extra thickness the cotton adds. Between the lining and the underside of the leather is suede.

Pictures online do not showoff the jacket well when it was available last. I really love the big sleeves that create this nice curved shape from the side profile. The snap buttons mixed with sewed buttons is nice detail. (Zipped front with snap button hideaway placket.) The collar is sort of bulky due to buttons located underneath for when you fold up the collar with a throat latch. And it looks pretty damn good with the collar folded up half way at the back with the points pealed back ever so slightly.

I did not expect it to be as nice and now sort of torn about keeping it. When is a leather jacket considered too long??? It's almost half way down my ass when worn but it lends itself to the fuller fit than your typical leather jacket. My dad could wear this pretty well. It was advertised as black but it is definitely dark brown. The back has a nice pleat detail as well.The shoulders hang on me well enough due to my slope shoulders. Overall it appears to fit large but as intended by Lemaire's silhouette. Sure I could size down but I don't need to. This would probably fit @LA Guy well across the upper body since I believe he is a larger 48. I actually kept thinking about LA Guy the whole time examining this leather. But I think I may be the oddball out since majority of members prefer a more fitted leather piece I believe.

Some promo pics and then my own in a dark lit room:

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SP finally got a Lemaire delivery!
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What about the quality of Lemaire shoes, especially winter ones that must be even more well made to "survive"?

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First time trying to buy Lemaire and I want that Maxi Owl Coat. Normally would take a 48/M (6'0 145), but everyone seems to say the coat fits oversize.... Then, I look at various shops and the model fits sized down all look awful...


I also read the sizing advice over the last few pages of this thread and think @nicelynice looks great in his 44. That said, I would probably prefer the coat to be quite oversize on me. Have looked at measurements where I can find them and the 48 doesn't look all that much bigger than the 46 (just a half inch bigger on the P2P and length). Help me out on this one pals.


Edit: also love the women's wrap coat in the same fabric... but no idea if any of the women's sizes are big enough. (For reference: If anyone here has worn women's Lemaire and has thoughts... let me know.

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You're a slim dude, sizing down or staying TTS wouldn't look too different. Obviously the larger size would look more voluminous and longer.

Based on height alone I say go TTS. I'm 5'9 and went with 46 for both my Kaftan.

The Maxi coat looks more structured, consider where you would like the shoulder to fit on you.
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Apparently shoulder is 47cm on the 46 and 49cm on the 48. Seems like the 48 will work fine. Now to ponder if I realllllllly want to drop the money on it. Thanks for the advice @gettoasty.
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I've been looking to purchase the coat and blazer in this pic below (the model on the right in brown Wool tweed). I own a very similar coloured pair of trousers in Wool tweed from lemaire, I believe from his AW13-14 collection.

If any of could please help (or if willing to sell) that would be awesome smile.gif

(right click or hold-tap image then select open in new tab for better view)
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If anyone sees this seasons Shetland Sweater in Oyster size large or I'll settle for medium, lmk! TIA
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nice! <3

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Uniqlo x Lemaire SS16 unveiled earlier today (?)

Anyone have an idea of the drop date?
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Originally Posted by carlooto View Post

Uniqlo x Lemaire SS16 unveiled earlier today (?)

Anyone have an idea of the drop date?

Wow, he gave them his original sneaker design? Well, hopefully the Uniqlo production is better than the mainline. I had trouble with the fit of the sneaker the first two seasons.
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Very cool. Some nice pieces there.

Personally I think that the colaboration will translate better to the summer season due to the use of cheaper materials (cost of cotton vs wool etc).

I actually really like the current season to though, as I was never expecting anything close to the mainline quality for the retail prices of the colab
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Some Spring 2016 stuff are up on The Corner and LVR.

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I don't see anything the Corner, pre-sale also available up on Barney's.

- - -

Leather feels really nice on this seasons boot, slightly more pliable than the standard ankle boot. The fur lining is nice touch. Not warm enough to go sockless IMO but it should keep my feet extra cozy enough.


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Originally Posted by Mulan View Post

Some Spring 2016 stuff are up on The Corner and LVR.

The corner doesn't seem to have any for ss16
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