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wtf, pejsek finds shit in his house that I can't even buy at a store if I wanted
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Im sure St. James would oblige you for about 8 grand.
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Originally Posted by pejsek View Post
The title alone may be enough to raise the anxiety level of some members here, but that's not really my purpose. While continuing the cleanup of my storage room I came across this interesting pair of old bespoke Lobb loafers that I honestly didn't even remember buying They were in a big box of shoes and still had the Goodwill tags on them. I must have bought them right when we moved into this house 7-8 years ago and then forgot about them.
They were very dry when I pulled them out. At first I thought they were made of some sort of treated or embossed calf--perhaps even the famed Russian Calf. As I cleaned them up and polished them, though, I began to see what appeared to be very faint quill markings consistent with what one sees on ostrich leather. I then went to the Lobb St. James site and was able to find the exact same model also done up in ostrich.
Anyway, here are the shoes. Lobb calls this a Norwegian Slipper with Laid on Lake and Shaped Two Eye Band:

This is a really intriguing leather and I wonder if any bespoke makers use this sort of ostrich these days. The quill markings (if that's what you call them) are very faint, almost as if they had been rubbed down, and visible mostly on the lake. While distinctive, it doesn't scream exotic. If this sort of ostrich is still available, I think it could be a great choice for casual shoes--distinctive and tough, yet not too much so.
What do you think? Would you?

btw, here's the Lobb link:

He's at it again.... inflicting pain on fellow thrifters!
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They're quite nice ...i would wear them without any problem....
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