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Where to get Skinny/Slim clothing in Sydney?

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How's it goin guys. just wondering is there anyone from Sydney who knows where to get slim/skinny clothings. Jeans, shirts, long sleeves, t-shirt etc. I don't mind wearing women's clothing as long as they look good on men. I have a pair of Lee's women Supatube jeans. Lol. I find that it's really hard to get slim/skinny clothings in Sydney. Anyone who knows where u can get them do let me know. Thank you.
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Try Chinatown, especially around Goulburn St, Sussex St and George streets.
You'll find "Asian size" clothing fits tighter, but be warned- some of those places are more suited to skaters and homeboys.

There's one place on Goulburn, opposite Baskin Robbins, which might have the slim stuff. It was quite pricy, I believe.

Also, Galleries Victoria, near the Hilton has one place in particular, I think it is called "incu," near the Brent Wilson and Nu+Nan shops. It is ridiculously expensive, though.
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incu is rather expensive, with $200 tshirts and what not, but hey - if you want to be trendy thats the place to go. I tend to think that Chinatown's stuff is really bad quality, even the more 'high end' stuff. I'd still say go for Myer, and GP/glue and other stuff if you're not afraid of trying on clothes of the opposite sex.
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Thanks! I do like clothes from Glue and GP. i personally like Fresh Jive. They have some really nice stuff in Glue, gonna go check it out one of these days. Incu. Lol. 200 dollars...Can't afford it...Oh yea, do you guys know any comfortable skinny jeans? I've got one, Supatube by Lee, it's really soft and comfortable...women's jeans, they are really nice....any other suggestions? men/women skinnies...i don't mind...
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