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Chip and pepper jeans

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Just heard of these. Whats the opinion on them?
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I can't say I hate them, but it is difficult to say otherwise, though I do not own any jeans under their name so I can't give a first-hand example of their quality. From my experience, they have gratuitous boot cuts, too wide of legs, too low of rises and too high of prices. I've been hearing more and more about them lately but I find the hype to be undeserving.
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I'm not a fan. The designs are contrived, (resewn on back pockets? C'mon. And if someone actually did rip a pocket off by mistake, (I have) they would try to sew them back in the same way.) I don't find the washes particularly appealing (way too green), and the cuts are pedestrian. Definitely not worth the hype. Go with True Religion if you want the same west coast vibe.
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LAGUY; have you seen an true religion jeans without the twisted legs? I love the styling of the back pockets.
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Mike C: I haven't yet seen any jeans without the twisted seam. And yeah, the details on the flap back pockets are really cool. Oh, if only I had a little more money.
post #6 of 14 has some of these (both True Religion and Chip and Pepper) and they currently have a 15% off coupon code. The prices still are not that good, but it may be worth a look. Code is "SEPT" good until the 10th.
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I saw some True Religion jeans at my local Saks Off Fifth outlet. They're like $80 (not certain if the price, maybe  $90?)...  I didn't examine them too carefully, I saw the Buddha on the back label and thought it was a little too Evisu for my taste. Also didn't have time to try em on. Jeans experts, are they nice jeans? I may go back at some point, for other stuff as well, but the off fifth is not that local, and the mall it's in is HELL. thanks
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I like their [True Religion] washes quite a bit. Some of the styles are way too trendy for me though, i.e. front pockets resewn, weird looking rips all over, and external button-flies. I am about done buying jeans with large boot-cuts, and I haven't seen any TR jeans with a nice straight leg. I would recommend them if you like the style, because they seem like they would be excellent quality, judging how they felt, and the fit around the thighs/seat is really impeccable.
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True Religion jeans are terrific, heavyweight, softened denim, great details. My only problem with them are the holes in the jeans. Why? If you go, and see a pair (flap style best, but any will do) at that price ($80-90), PM me.
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I'm personally not fond of Chip and Pepper... As LAguy said " designs are contrived". They're trying to hard to be different and the result is rather pedestrian. I'm also not too fond of True Religion, I don't find their offerings exciting or special. My suggestion for something nice but not too expensive (retail) would be the Lee's X-Line of jeans, eg the Rosco in Raw Selvedge Denim. Nice fit and well made, and you get to personalize it after a few wearings and washings. What do people think of the "reissue" Levis 501: the 1933 replica with the cinch back? I absolutely love it... Great fabric (selvedge denim from the original suppliers), great work (made in the U.S), great fit. The only downside being that you have to sit in the tub and shrink the thing.
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I think that the J.P. D'amage jeans are a pretty good alternative if you're getting tired of Paper Denim and the rest. The denim is solid medium weight, and the washes are pretty interesting. I like the Ice wash.
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Sorry, never heard of J.P D'amage
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J.P. D'amage: American company; not sure where they are basd out of, but from the styling, I'd say that NY is the best guess. You can find them at Barneys and specialty boutiques. They have a website, but I don't recall what the url is.
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J.P. D'amage:  American company; not sure where they are basd out of, but from the styling, I'd say that NY is the best guess.  You can find them at Barneys and specialty boutiques.  They have a website, but I don't recall what the url is.
I'll check them out next time I'm in the States. I usually buy jeans that are 'raw', i.e unwashed (see my fondness for Denime, and other selvedge denim) and then they get 'personalized' after use. There are a few exceptions that I buy such as Paper Denim (I bought them mainly becasue of the lighter weight, softness, and cut) and Diesel (from 2 years past). There is a new material that Evisu is using: Hemp and Cotton. For those who like Paper Denim because of the fabric, these Evisus are great.
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