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I've lost too many St Duponts to even consider getting a new one anytime soon.

Need to get done on my next lighter what Winston Churchill had done on a Cartier cigarette case....
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here is a nice video of IM Corona
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Originally Posted by TRINI View Post
Bump - is a plain Zippo the most economical yet stylish way to go?
I have a couple of these:

They cost $4 at the drug store, are refillable, and look a lot nicer than you'd expect. They go bad after a while (6 mo.- a yr.) in my experience, but work really well while they work. I've gotten lots of compliments on them actually. You can also solder with them. I stopped carrying my Rollagas so much because it's not as useful - only with dress clothes anymore.
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It's funny, i bought one of these after I got a rec on a cigar board. I used it as backup for my dupont xtend. My xtend crapped out after 2 years or so, so i started using the ronson. After 3.5 years, it's still going strong. I only put 3x+ refined fuel in it, and it fires EVERY time. You can get about 50 of them for the price of 1 xtend.
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Here are some others I have been considering.....

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I have the upper Rollagas, an old silverplate one. I like it a lot though it is now a bit finicky. Generally carry a cheaper one now for fear of dropping the Dunhill.
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Check out this lighter!
EOS Rechargeable Lighter - No Gas No Flame!

3-black bg_2.jpgBlack Open.jpg

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