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Originally Posted by casanova View Post
Those prices are for matchboxes. There were a few cigarette cases in that sale as I recall. Much more expensive than that though I'm afraid. You'll find them on the Sotheby's site. There was a sale inside the past year of Faberge pieces, in London I think, because the prices were quoted in GBP. A quick search should turn them up if you're interested.

Ah, the vestas. Those were usually matched to the case as a set.
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The matching pair would be a nice little head head-turner. But at a guess you'd be talking 3-5000 USD minimum. And so easy to lose...
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http://s7d2.scene7.com/is/image/Soth...r-1?$lot_main$ I was well out, for this one at least. \t LOT 482 A FABERGÉ GOLD, SILVER-GILT AND GUILLOCHÉ ENAMEL VESTA CASE, WORKMASTER MICHAEL PERCHIN, ST PETERSBURG, 1899-1908 4,000—6,000 GBP Lot Sold. Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium: 6,600 GBP
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Just had a flick through that catalogue. The cigarette cases range from about 2-3000 GBP or 4-6000 USD for silver, up to 35-50,000 GBP (70-100,000 USD) for a Catherine II enameled case. Vesta cases 1000 GBP upwards... Absolutely beautiful objects though.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
Good call.
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I don't know much about lighters, but was recently given my Nonno's old lighter when my Nonna found it in a box. I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about it, and how to refill it through PM. It is pretty much this, it just has vertical lines and a metal push instead of plastic. Made by Ronson.
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As a stylish accesoire my daily driver rates probably -100000 , the blazer torch .. However, it works all the time and in every weather, which counts for something. I'm still looking into getting a dunhill sports turbo with the croc leather.

As the smoking goes, to me I just adds to life. Like a good glass of wine or armagnac it just enhances the experience of being alive. I guess the biggest killer around is life itself, and why on earth should I dull my life down to make it last longer?
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Cartier makes the most filigree and elegant ones IMO.
One of mine:

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thought I'd show off my Zippo from 1967. Belonged to my dad.

more pics on my blog...
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play pool a bit__ vintage Zippo 8 & 9 ball versions.

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sarome is the ultimate elegance and modernism for me http://www.sarome.com/ but my favourites have to be good old vintage. especially ones that spent there time in places like the Praries. Something so satisfying lighting up with something that has a rough and long history as for what i own. a new-ish zippo has some modern "omg its lyk As1@n1111" art and a clipper crystal. cheap, plastic but refillable and replacable flint. saw some nice vintage lighters in a thrift store case so i'm gonna check it out more closely this friday
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I usually prefer function to form.

Collector's series aswell
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Found a Zippo lighter on a beach (Cottesloe) here in Perth, Australia. It must have been lost by a sailor as it has "USS KITTY HAWK CV63" on one side with a picture of the vessel. The other side has the First U.S. Navy Jack on it.
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Labelking, have you ever been to the Alameda flea market and seen the guy selling just table lighters. Some beautiful ones there.
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$2 at a flea market, needed a flint and fluid. Engraved "W.J.G."
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