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I travel a fair amount for business and wear A&E shoes. 80% - 85% just sail through with the A&E's. They never set off the detector, but at some airports, the screeners STRONGLY encourage shoe removal. I generally resent the indiscriminate application of screening policies such as shoe removal (requiring pregnant women and 60+-year-old Midwestern grandmothers to remove their shoes and be wanded is pretty silly, but I have witnessed both more than once).
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That gal in the slush ads is mighty cute. -Tom
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I know AEs use some kind of nonmetallic shank,
Actually, A/E uses a 360 degree welt eliminating the need for a shank. Shanks are used to anchor the breast area of the shoe (where the heel ends at the sole). Most shoes are welted 'breast to breast'; therefore the shank supports this area of the shoe. Contrary to popular shoe lingo, a shank does not directly support the foot, simply the construction of the shoe. The best shanks, I believe only now seen in bespoke footwear, are beechwood. Most now are some sort of acrylic, while others still use steel. However, even in shoes that use a steel shank, really it is mainly fiberboard with a heavy amount of mastic and a very thin (1/8") steel rod. I wear Gravati shoes mostly, and I have yet to set off a metal detector here or abroad - and they have this type of steel shank. I usually just shake my head no and walk thru - never have a problem at Dulles or JFK. Come to think of it, I really can't remember people being pulled aside to have shoes inspected in Europe (Gatwick, Malpensa, Linate, or Pisa anyway). Is it not as much a concern there, or have I just missed it?
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My Bruno Magli Branson's don't set off the detecor off either, I had them x-ray'ed to see if they had a shank and they do, so the shank must be made of brass or aluminum. NP
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