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What (not) to wear at the rodeo

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Ok, this one probably applies to you yahoos whose idea of a pleasant jog would include the streets of Pamplona during bull season.  The key piece of clothing is the belt, as illustrated in the following movie clip: Don't try this sober
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Could be the funniest thing I've seen since the DNC.
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Talking about different XNCs, why is it that all the Republicans at the RNC the camera pans to look like what I imagine Republicans to look like? All the young guys have the short back and sides haircut (some even with the sever side part&#33 generally ill fitting blue suits, and a primary colored tie - and the older guys; they look like they just got home from the Dick Cheney lookalike party. The older women all seem to have the Laura Bush style haircut, while the younger ones all seem to want to look like Anne Coulter? And all those Ann Taylor suits? Ugh. I would really like to see a dreadlocked Republican, or one with a shaved head and a Fu Manchu. And if they are all going to wear the same conservative suit, could they not take a cue from W., and get themselves something nice - Oxxford may be too expensive (only for the POTUS) but hey, what about a Canali on discount? And what about some pattern (stripes, windowpanes, anyone?) or color in those suits, huh? Is that asking too much? The women have so much choice it boggles the mind why they choose to dress so dreadfully.
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I beg your pardon; the Texans all had matching cowboy hats/boots. Nonconformity is allowed at the RNC, as long as it is done in a traditional and accepted way.
post #5 of 6, boxers or briefs. i can't tell from the tattered scraps.
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I think all it needs is an audio track of the bull 'talking' ..."So ya wanna play games huh? Ok, let's play buddy... who's yer daddy, huh? What punk? How about a noogie? Yeah, let's tease the dumb old bull... Think it took big b@lls to tease the bull huh? Well, let's show everyone... "
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