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Manny Toyo, Toyos Tailoring

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I wanted to help spread the word about Manny Toyo. Some of you already know him and have used his services, others may have not. I've had the distinct pleasure and luck to work with him in making a bespoke suit for myself, as well as the privilege of his teachings. In any case, he's spoken to me a few times about wanting to expand more into NYC with new customers, so I thought I would reach out to some of the great folks on here who are looking for close to home bespoke.

For those of you who don't know, he's a second generation tailor, and just an all around awesome guy with enough stories to make you laugh the entire time you're getting measured up. He's based in Bergen, NJ just outside of NYC. is his website. Feel free to PM me or call him/stop by the shop.
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i have sent several customers to Manny over the years.
for both alterations and custom made suits.

He does his work on site.

great guy!
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Yes, he really is a great guy and a great tailor, so any way I can help in spreading the word I'll do. And yes, he does everything on site in the shop.
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I hope he is still open? Website is dead. rustytheshark, any insights?
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yes, he is still open, I spoke to him yesterday. Thank you for making me aware of the site being down, I spoke to him about that and we're going to update it
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Sorry for bumping an old thread. Anyone else used Toyos tailoring recently? How are their prices for a custom made sport coat?

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sport coats range depending on cloth, but I would give him a call to get a better idea
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I commissioned a rust/brick color sport coat with Manny. He turned out an amazing jacket, both in terms of quality of fabric and the fit. More than anything else, he's extremely friendly and customer focused. It's been quite a long time since I experienced that kind of customer service. I think that breed of tailors and master craftsmen is fast disappearing. Strongly recommended. 


He also mentioned that even though he had met Carl (ShirtMaven) only a couple of times, he has been kind enough to send a lot of business his way.

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Do you have any photographs of your commissions? That is the only way by which to assess his quality.
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