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Originally Posted by snailtrail83 View Post
I called Charles Nakhle recently and asked him if he could make a shirt over the weekend)? He replied he couldn't as he wouldn't have any machinists. I don't know what he meant by that, but he gets other people to help him make shirts? He did say if I came in early on a business day that he may be able to make a shirt in one day though...
Yes, that's right Charles employs people in his workshop - just like Alex Kabbaz. And just as in Alex Kabbaz's workshop they use a sewing machine. If you really wanted to get a shirt like iammatt's Anna Matuozzo Napoli bespoke shirts - with one machine stitch and one hand stitch - Charles says he is perfectly capable of doing it for you but expect wait weeks to months and pay 700-900 AUD per shirt depending on the fabric. He would have to do all the work himself as his workers are insufficiently trained in doing handwork to do the work for him.
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Originally Posted by Alexander Scriabin View Post
Aster shirts are very, very nice. I have a few of them myself. On par with, oh, say, higher end Zegna shirts or so.

Beware of Henry Bucks. There is a fantastic 'old world' image they put forward but their qualitiy has gone WAY downhill the past few years. Mediocre at best. It's all a bit of a facade really.

There are a few decent tailors in Melbourne, but shirtmakers are few and far between indeed.

What about the German van Laacks shirts made in Vietnam? My brother in Germany has the made in Deutschland jobs and they are fantastic.
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Sator, what sort of fabric do you get from Nahkle for that price, ~220AU?
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Originally Posted by Khoa View Post
Sator, what sort of fabric do you get from Nakhle for that price, ~220AU?

Quite a variety especially Tessitura Monti Spa, which is excellent value for money.
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Originally Posted by Sator View Post
Quite a variety especially Tessitura Monti Spa, which is excellent value for money.

And some from the SIC Tess fabric books will be around that price (depending on buttons etc).
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Came back from Sydney on the Weekend, and visited Charles Nahkle. Ended up going on a bit of a splurge and bought 5 shirts. He is a really nice guy. He looked at me and said "long arms" and then proceeded to guess my measurements. Quite funny - and he was at most 1 - 2cm off after he "measured" me properly.

I didn't go with the intention of buying from specific mills, I just chose what I liked, and in the end, the total price was cheaper than I thought it would be. I'll probably never buy an OTR shirt again... haha.

My first shirt should arrive sometime next week, and I'll post up pictures if anyone is interested.
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Snailtrail (or anyone else) - any chance of posting up a few pics of Charles N's work? Have searched but have been unable to find any examples.


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anyone have a critique/picture of a shirt from Charles Edwards?
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has anyone here had a shirt made with both Charles Edwards and Hemden?

just curious as to how the two might differ; i've had one made at Hemden and am not sure whether to give Charles a shot as well. they go for a bit more (~$550 vs Hemden's $425/380 for the first shirt/subsequent shirts) so i'm wondering how much happier people are with them.

also, could anyone confirm whether Charles does all the shirts himself? that's the impression he gave when i spoke to him, but posts above indicate otherwise.
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Originally Posted by Journeyman View Post
I've been tempted by shirts from places such as Herringbone, Rhodes and Beckett, MCM Studio and the like on a few occasions, but I always baulk at paying their prices.

I just wait for the sales. It's just mass produced stuff and even at 50% off they still make a margin.

When you shop at the distributors for labels like Canali, Cantarelli, Boss etc and the price that you can get a suit or shirt for, relative to what you at Henry Bucks/David Jones etc charge...even on sale....it defies belief sometimes.
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