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For Sale: Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Shirts--Thom Browne Designer

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For Sale:
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Shirts--Thom Browne Designer

Will Ship To: Anywhere

New shirts. Some new with tags. Price includes US shipping.

White French Cuff OCBD BB0SOLD BB1 BB3 BB5 $85>>>$75
th_005_zpsqacm6mbp.jpg th_006_zpsvxfawuxt.jpg th_008_zpsxywxynjf.jpg th_007_zps48e4qhjh.jpg th_009_zps4sm8nnpo.jpg

Short Sleeve Gray/Blue/White Plaid OCBD BB0 $65>>$55
Blue/Black/White University Stripe OCBD BB0 $65SOLD
th_023_zpsrgfnze1x.jpg th_024_zps5vy7iciz.jpg th_025_zpsrgjghonu.jpg th_026_zpsompy590s.jpg th_027_zpsbsa6g03w.jpg th_028_zpspze7dkra.jpg th_029_zpsvbgwiql8.jpg

White OCBD French Cuff BB3 $85

White with Blue/Navy Check OCBD 16-34 P2P 21.25 BB3 $75

Pink OCBD. Rare color BB3 $90

Blue White Stripe Long Sleeve Seersucker Button Down. BB3 $65SOLD
Big Block Madras Plaid Long Sleeve. BB3 $70

Navy/White/Gold/Red Madras BD BB3 $65
Turquoise/Red/White/Blue BD BB3 $65 SOLD

Red Blue University Stripe OCBD. 16-35 P2p 22 BB4 $80

Red White Big Block Long Sleeve Button Down. BB4 $65

White OCBD with Red Blue University Stripe Trim. BB4 $80

Blue Oxford Cloth Short Collar. BB4 $80
White Pinpoint Oxford Button Down French Cuff BB4 $75

White with Fine Navy Check Button Down. Feels like Sea Island Cotton. BB4 $65.SOLD

White with Blue/Navy Check OCBD 16.5-35 P2P 23 BB4 $75
Red/Navy Check OCBD BB4 $75

Navy and Gray University Stripe OCBD. Measures 17-36, P2P 23.25. $80

White / Burgundy Contrast Collar and Cuff French Cuff. BB4. $65
White and Black Check Long Sleeve. BB5 $65.

White OCBD French Cuff BB5 $85

Dark Navy Blue Fine Corduroy Button Down. Retail $225. Great shirt, selling cheap because I have duplicates. BB5 $55

All Sold Below

Gray Check Spread Collar Broadcloth BB1 $60SOLD
Blue OCBD with small mill flaw on low left front. BB1 $75SOLD

Gray OCBD. Red White Navy Grosgrain inside sleeve and at bottom of side seam. A couple of tiny mill flaws, the worst is shown in pic. BB2 $95SOLD

Dark Green / Burgundy / Gold / White Brushed OCBD. BB3. $75SOLD

Dark Navy OCBD. Small hole and area of abrasions bottom front BB00 $75>>$65SOLD
Red White Gingham BB00 $70sold

White Navy Gray Broadcloth Button Down. Mill flaw right front. BB3. $42.SOLD

White OCBD With Grosgrain trim. Several faint dark spots pictured. Faint and should wash out with treatment. BB00 $85SOLD
Blue OCBD With Metal BB Buttons. Several dark spots pictured. BB00 $65SOLD

Indigo Blue Brushed OCBD BB0sold, BB1sold. $85
Indigo Blue Brushed OCBD BB0 soldwith mill flaw (last pic) $65

Gray OCBD with Red White Blue Grosgrain Trim. BB0 $95SOLD

Blue University Stripe OCBD BB0 $90SOLD
Gray White Brown Red Check OCBD, Mill flaw (pictured) on top of one sleeve. BB0 $65SOLD

Blue Gray Gold OCBD. Damage on one sleeve. BB2 $50.SOLD

Gray White Button Down Fun Shirt. Fun shirt without being crazy. BB2 $65SOLD
Subdued Burgundy University Stripe OCBD. Rare color. BB2. $85SOLD

Blue OCBD. BB3. $95SOLD
Multicolor Stripe OCBD. BB3. $65SOLD

Short Sleeve Blue OCBD BB0 $65Sold
Short Sleeve Navy/Green/Yellow/White Plaid OCBD BB0 $65
th_006_zpsmbaeqehc.jpg th_009_zps07lw4hg5.jpg th_012_zpsd68qmrvr.jpg th_010_zpst72till4.jpg th_011_zps0pyd3cta.jpg

White OCBD BB0 $90
Blue/White Fine Stripe OCBD BB0 $90SOLD
th_001_zpsjvrcdifb.jpg th_003_zps76mwvsid.jpg th_005_zps2feop4xn.jpg th_002_zpss4atfjg6.jpg th_004_zpsdd2ymmzw.jpg

White Club Collar Oxford Cloth BB0 $90
Ivory Burgundy Check Button Down BB0 $80

White Yellow Green Check Short Sleeve OCBD BB00 $60>>>$55
White with Blue Check Broadcloth Button Down BB0 $65sold

Blue University Stripe OCBD BB0 $90
Brown White Red Big Plaid. The red stripe really sets this off. Small mill flaw below belt line and a few inches above that is a small water stain which you would never have seen if I had not mentioned it. BB0 $65

Short Sleeve Gray/Blue/White Plaid OCBD BB1 $65
th_031_zpsmsx3nt5k.jpg th_033_zpsqboelhdn.jpg th_034_zpsw1l75vls.jpg th_032_zpshl9rpjje.jpg

Gray OCBD. Red White Navy Grosgrain inside sleeve and at bottom of side seam. A couple of tiny mill flaws, shown in pics. BB1 $95

Yellow Gray Big Check OCBD. Mill flaw bottom front below belt line. BB1 $65
Gray White Green Big Check OCBD. BB1 $75
White Spread Collar. 16-35, P2P 22.75 Neck size label incorrect. BB4 $85sold

White OCBD. Not a bright white. BB1. $80SOLD
White with Navy Red Stripes BB1 $65

Navy White Fine Houndstooth Spread BB1 $70
Blue OCBD. Mill flaw on right front. BB1. $60SOLD

White with Navy Red Stripe OCBD. 15-33.5, P2P 19.75. Small cut on back of one sleeve. BB1 $65>>$45
Gray OCBD. 15.25-33.5, P2P 20.25 BB1 $85

Gray Brushed OCBD with Black Grosgrain. Minor mill flaw on left front. BB1. $85.sold
Gray Brushed OCBD with Black Grosgrain. No flaw. BB1. $95.

White with fine Navy Stripe Buttondown. Fabric feels like Sea Island Cotton, but it probably isn't. Anyway it is a premium long-staple cotton. The reason this is so cheap is because I have several of them. More than once, an SF buyer has bought one and then immediately bought another after he had the first one in hand. BB1 measures 15.5-34, P2P 20.25. BB0, BB1, BB2sold BB3 $65.

Gray OCBD with Red White Black Grosgrain on side seam and cuff. 15-33 P2P 20.5, BB1 $80
Gray OCBD with Red White Black Grosgrain on side seam and cuff. 15.5-34 P2P 21.25, BB2 $80SOLD
Gray OCBD with Red White Black Grosgrain on side seam and cuff. Tiny mill flaw on Rt sleeve (see last pic) 15.5-34 P2P 21.25, BB2 $70SOLD

Red White Big Block Long Sleeve Button Down. BB2 BB4 $65

Gray Navy Big Check OCBD. BB2 $80
Red Navy White Big Check OCBD BB2 $80

White with Blue Check and Navy GF embroidered logo broadcloth button down. Label is wrong, this is a 15.5-34 P2P 20.5 BB2 $80

Red White Navy Broadcloth Button Down. Retail $195. BB2 $65
Gray White Stripe Broadcloth Contrast Collar and Cuff. BB2 $65SOLD

Crisp White Green Broadcloth Button Down BB2 $65>>$60
Gray OCBD with Red White Black Trim at sleeves and bottom of side seam. Small tear on back of shoulder seam. BB2 $65SOLD

Blue White Button Down Fun Shirt. BB2. $70
White with Blue Red Stripe OCBD BB2 $65SOLD

Gray OCBD. Red White Black Grosgrain inside sleeve and at bottom of side seam. A couple of tiny mill flaws, the worst is shown in pic. BB4 $95SOLD
Edited by Steve Smith - 7/19/16 at 1:07pm
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Club Collar available in 16.5?

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Love this one



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