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Originally Posted by otc View Post

The RX-100 (mk 3) that my dad bought himself when I was home for the holidays was a pretty solid camera.
He was still trying to dial in the settings a bit--I believe he liked the photos it took of stuff, but not as much the photos it took of people (but that's from a pro, you would probably think they were fine photos)--but it was a pretty solid feeling camera. The mk3 is probably out of your price range, but check around for a mk2 or something.

Otherwise, you can just get another S--- camera. They are small and take good pictures. Not sure where the sweet spot is--people seem to have preferences for different models, so occasionally there are times where the newest model isn't really better than the previous one.

What are your thoughts on the S120? Or the Sony NEX-F3? Someone is trying to sell me the F3 for $270 used but he can go fly a kite.

Edit, basically I"m looking for something that can take better pictures than a point and shoot but not quite SLR. Not sure if that makes sense, also needs to be compact
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Originally Posted by TweedyProf View Post

These are all great.

Lens selection is key. The photos all used the 45 mm lens (90 mm equivalent), considered quite optimal for portraits. If you are not interested in changing lenses, a fixed lens camera like the RX100 maybe be better value for the buck.

I have a 42.5 mm f1.2 and the color I get from that lens is much better than all my other lenses.
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I just picked up a Nikon D750. Really enjoying it so far.
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If you can buy used, a Sony NEX is probably your best bet. I still like my NEX-C3. Not the latest and greatest but it gets the job done.
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I'm strongly considering a Leica Q based on extensive research. I've always wanted to try a Leica lens.
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So my kid wants a nice camera in order to document his exciting life and travels laugh2-smiley.gif?1292867631.  I was thinking about getting him a beginner mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.  Any ideas?   I've identified a few that seem to fit his needs but would be open to other (read: cheaper) options.


Also what is the deal with grey market cameras?  Are the cost savings worth it?  I'm going to assume if I use my AMEX their product protection benefit would cover any warranty issues




Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF7







Fujifilm X-A2




Nikon 1 J5




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The M4/3 system is the way to go in my mind, but the Fujis take some really nice pictures (but $$$ and more limited lens selection).
The nikon seems like a waste since they are trying not to cannibalize their SLR sales.

GF7 is nice looking and small, but I think I might rather have the viewfinder from something like the olympus E-m10 (can probably get a good price on a Mk 1 body).
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I would go with a Sony A6000.... biggest sensor (same size as Fuji), some decent lenses, huge bang for the buck and you can pick one up at Best Buy. Also comes with a smaller kit lens. Of those three I would go with the Fuji.

Gray market = no warranty. You would be better off buying slightly used or refurbished.
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