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Ny times expose  

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The Times ran a story yesterday, exposing how a former grand French restaurant has re-opened in a new guise of trendyness, but it is only a thin veneer, as it gets the same old crowd. One of them even wore a three-piece suit.   How shocking. How dare someone dress like that. The Times treated him accordingly, disclosing his name and revealing that he had once been briefly incarcerated for price-fixing. But what are these old cogers doing out in public? And why are they not all wearing the uniform of black t-shirts and sporting a three day growth. I'll bet the old guy was even wearing a tie. Why don't these people check into retirement homes and wait to die. Don't they realize that only one type of restaurant, one type of dress and one type of patron is acceptible anymore. See http://www.nytimes.com/2004/09/01/dining/01REST.html
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