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Oxxford sportcoat/jeans question

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I was trying something different today and was wearing an navy pinstriped Oxxford sport coat with PDC jeans and a purple RLPL polo. Personally, I think this look works fairly well, but alot of people have been saying that the sport coat needs to be something with a more modern cut. While I've done this quite often with my Dior Homme and Brioni sport coats to good effect, I think the oxxford is kinda a presents a classy/casual look that turns down the sophestication a notch or two for going around town... any thoughts?
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Having tried on both Oxxford and Brioni jackets, the Brioni is IMO definitely a "sexier" garment.
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Right, but the look I was trying to go for wasn't a "sexy" or sophesticated club look, but more a classy, understated, but casual look...
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I plan to wear the same thing on casual fridays this fall; I have an oxxford sportcoat and suitcoat I'll pair with jeans and a button down shirt, loafers or boots. The shoulders in the suit are structured enough that it isn't a "sack" look or anything. The only thing I'm not a big fan of is that some of my suit jackets are slightly longer on me, evident when worn with jeans.
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A while back I bought a gray Oxxford pinstriped suit coat at NMLC for $50. I wear it several times a year with jeans and as a general casual jacket. Got the idea from seeing a movie in which one of the characters did the same thing. Sometimes I'll even stick a red silk pocket square in it if I'm going out to dinner.
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$50? Which NM Last Call locations are worth going to?
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I thought the shoulders made the look a bit better, although I don't really need much support to avoid the "sack" look as I have a pretty strong build. I may see what this looks like today with a DB brioni jacket as well.
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