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Gresnon compared with c&j

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Just received my Rugby Masterpieces from Bennies. My credit card was charged $250, pending an expected refund of $100, making the whole thing a great deal. I thouhgt it might be fun to compare them with my Handgrades: Fit and last shape: Grensons are rather narrow, but are otherwise true to size, I think. Quite comfortable overall, and hopefully won't inflict my pinky toes with anything a little liquid nitrogen cannot remove... The C&Js are on the beuatiful 337 last, with the elongated, squared off nose and the rather narrow waist. However, the Greson last has a nicer instep shape - more pronouncedly convex when you look from the side, a-la EG. This is comparing apples to oranges, but overall, I rather like the 337 better. Leather: both appear to have very high quality leather uppers, with fine, uniform grain. The Grensons have a mild antiquing effect (C&Js are black), especially in the cap area - nice but limited in scope. Stitching: I remember reading somewhere that Grenson's stitching is finer and with a greater number of stitches per inch than C&J. I didn't count, but it appears to be so. Sole: Grenson's chanelling is very nice, but the waist appears to be slightly wider, with less beveling, and the fiddleback effect less pronounced than C&J. On the other hand, the sole does not extend as much out on the perimeter as in the C&Js, and is hence trimmer and neater - giving the shoe more of a bespoke/slimmer look, again, a-la EG. Lining: C&J has an inner liner than extendes the full length of the shoe (don't know the correct term). Grenson has a heel part made of "fine" leather, while the rest of the shoe is lined with a coarser, thicker type of leather, the way benchgrade C&Js are lined. I don't know whether this is a functional or esthetic choice on part of the manufacturers. I like the look of the C&J lining better, though. And, finally, surprise: the C&Js are noticeably heavier and "denser", while the Grensons are almost Italian-light. No idea what can account for that, but you definitely get more shoe for your money   Overall, differences are minute and the two brands seem to be running neck and neck in term of quality. Choice may come down to fit and last shape.
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I found this post while searching for something entirely different. Thanks for the information. I was wondering how the Masterpieces would compare to my Handgrades, especially with regards to fit. I guess I should go for a 7E Masterpiece if the 7D is more narrow than usual.
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Can someone tell me what color the shoe on the right is?  I am looking for a cordovan colored shoe to wear with navy blue.  
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its is a brown with an xblood tint to it
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